La Mav Firming Eye Lotion - review


This eye cream came as a GWP a while ago and I've been using it for the past couple of months. Yes it's only 5ml in size, but that's enough to get a good idea of an eye cream and something this size will easily last me two to three months.

Long story short, I think it's a reasonable product but I wouldn't go out and buy it because I've used other eye creams I prefer. Still, it's pretty good and I've been happy enough to use it over the testing period. More on that below.

La Mav claims/product details:

  • This certified organic velvety crème visibly rejuvenates and transforms the delicate eye area 
  • Formulated with organic hibiscus esculentus and Pisum Sativum (pea) extracts to increase elasticity, and smooth lines and wrinkles around the eye, leaving skin visibly lifted and toned
  • Visible anti-ageing effects, such as wrinkle and sagging reduction, are enhanced with continued use due to the unique properties of hibiscus esculentus extract and other bio-actives in this unique formula
  • With its light, yet nourishing formula, the this eye cream rejuvenates the skin around the eyes to give you an instantly more awake and fresh appearance
  • Strengthens the skin naturally, to hydrate, revitalise and renew the eye contour
  • 89% certified organic ingredients
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness 
  • To use: apply a thin layer around the contour of the eyes, twice daily, patting gently with fingertips until fully absorbed
  • RRP $39.95 AUD for 15ml, but do shop around


This eye cream is decent for the price so it's one to consider if you're in the market for a basic eye cream that doesn't cost the earth. While it's not the right product for my 38yo, dry skin, I can imagine it working well enough for oily skinned lasses or those who are younger than I am.

It's a lightweight cream with no unpleasant scent, and it spreads and absorbs well - although don't over-apply it or you'll have some issues getting the product to sink in.

I've been using mine for the past 2.5 months, first as my twice-daily eye cream and second as my overnight eye cream, so I've given it a good test run and I've almost finished my tube now so it's time to give you my thoughts before it's gone for good.

I like that it's hydrating enough that my eyes have felt comfortable over the testing period, although keep in mind that I've only tried this during the warmer months so I can't speak to whether it would have enough punch for my dry skin in winter.

I also like that it's hydrating enough for night use while still being lightweight enough for daytime, and it sits well under makeup - something I look for in my eye creams - so that's worth noting too.

Where this product falls down, however, is in its inability to meet its claims - or at least that's my experience. Yes it's fine as a basic eye cream, but if you want something that performs back-flips, this isn't it.

On those claims: no this doesn't visibly rejuvenate or transform my eye area; no it doesn't increase elasticity, or smooth lines and wrinkles around my eyes; no it doesn't leave my skin visibly lifted and toned; yes it's lightweight while still being nourishing; no it doesn't do anything for my dark circles or under-eye puffiness; but yes it's hydrating enough for my dry skin.

Overall I think this product is fine as a basic, everyday eye cream and it should suit those who just want something simple that doesn't break the bank, but it doesn't do enough for me personally so I wouldn't buy the full size.

Fine for the price.

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