January 2019 favourites

Hello and welcome to my first monthly favourites post for 2019!

I do have other things to write today but I'm very tired (kids up late last night, plus my daughter was vomiting so she wound up in my bed again), and although my husband is thankfully back from overseas where he was on business, things are crazier than usual so I'm going for an easier post.

Favourites it is. In no particular order...

Andalou Naturals Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

Full review here. This is an excellent product and I'm so glad I found it. It's very similar to Peter Thomas Roth's Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (I've reviewed that here), and indeed I suspect the brand was attempting to dupe it - although it's different (not quite as potent) and that's something many would enjoy because the PTR version is full on.

This is one of those masks that stings quite a bit when I apply it. Not in an 'ouch' way, but in a 'this is working' kind of way. That would be the AHA. What I love about this mask is that it's effective, and after use I'm left with wonderfully smooth and soft skin that looks brighter, fresher and just happier overall.

On top of that, on the day after after use, my fine lines are reduced and my makeup goes on better because my face is so smooth. It's a cheap product too. Love.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, Unlocked

I have three Hourglass edits but I think this one might just be my favourite. I absolutely love it. I've reviewed it here.

Yes Hourglass quality is the same across the board, but what I love about this edit is the colours. They're just beautiful. The bronzer is my favourite Hourglass bronzer to date (I hope they release it permanently as a single), both blushes are pretty and they both suit me, the highlighter is gorgeous and both setting powders work for me too (plus they don't contain glitter, which some of the brand's setting powders do).

I kind of wish I'd bought a back-up for this. That should tell you something. Still, I don't need any more makeup so I'll just be sure to ration this palette so I don't get through it too quickly. I would use it every day if I could.

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine CC Cream SPF 20

Full review here. This is a good little product and I'm enjoying mine, although I would never spend $40 on the full size (I bought mine at half price).

It's a standard CC cream and I love that it colour-adapts well to my skintone, and while it comes out looking rather cool-toned and flat (it has a grey undertone), once I've applied it to my skin, it deepens and becomes more yellow.

While the coverage isn't huge, I can build it to a light-medium and that's enough for me. I love that this looks natural on the skin and doesn't announce itself as makeup, and I also love that it suits my light-medium to medium, yellow-based skin. Plus it's a good product for summer because it contains sunscreen. Worth trying.

Jergens Crema Deep Conditioning Body Cream with Shea Butter

I love a good body cream and this is definitely one of those - it's nicely thick and rich, and it hydrates my dry skin beautifully. I've reviewed it here.

It has a gorgeous shea butter scent and it's on the heavy side so it mightn't suit those with oily skin, but for my skin, it's perfect. It also spreads and absorbs well, and I haven't gotten through this tub too quickly so it was a good value purchase for me too.

While it does leave a slight greasy residue behind, that doesn't bother me - although it will bother some so I wanted to mention it. Overall it's just a great product and I can see myself wanting to use this a lot in winter when my skin's at its driest. Lovely.

Dermaveen Daily Nourish Foaming Facial Cleanser

Full review here. This was sent to me for review and I'm glad about that because I really like it and I would absolutely buy it.

It's a clear gel cleanser that foams surprising well for something that doesn't contain any nasties. The foam it creates is soft and creamy, and it feels nice and gentle on the skin. I can absolutely tell that it's pH balanced too.

The product leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated after use - never stripped or dry - which is a plus for me because I have dry, sometimes sensitive skin and I need something that doesn't exacerbate the problem. I love that it cleans well without irritating my skin, and I also love that I can use it as often as I like without my face feeling parched after use. Plus it's cheap. Yay.

In sum

Them's my favourites for the month!

Apart from the Hourglass product, it's a month for budget favourites and you can buy everything in here from the chemist for not very much - particularly on special. That has to be a good thing.

Do let me know in the comments what your favourite products this month are: I'd love to hear.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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