Project Dent 2019 update: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, Unlocked


Hello and welcome to another Project Dent update post.

I've now been using this palette for two weeks, and despite how much I've enjoyed using it, it's time to send it back to the makeup shelves and bring something else into circulation. I'll likely choose my Hourglass Surreal Glow Edit next, so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

If you're interested, my Project Dent intro post for this product is here.

And I've reviewed this palette here if you'd like to see that. Essentially I love it and I recommend it if you want something that's a bit special. Yes it's expensive, but I feel it's worth every penny and I even considered buying a back-up because I love the colours so much. I won't because I have enough makeup, but that tells you how much I enjoy it.

Now for progress shots.

Here's how my palette looked two weeks ago, when I introduced it to Project Dent:

And here's how it's looking now, after two weeks' daily use:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Two weeks ago:


As you can see, I've barely made any visible progress so we can't see how much I've used it - at least in photos. In real life, however, I can see a good dip in the highlighter and the bronzer has been flattened a little (so have both the setting powders). The blushes of course are another story: they're the hardest to pan.

While it hasn't been my most successful round of Project Dent in terms of visible progress, I'm still happy that I've used this product consistently for two weeks - and it may be that we see more progress next time I dent it. Note, though, that these Hourglass powders don't show movement very easily (especially when, like this one, they don't contain swirls of colour), so it may be a while before we can tell that I've used it.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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