Makeup no buy 2019: two month update


It's been almost a month since my last makeup no buy update, so I thought I'd check in with my next update post today.

Thankfully it's been an easy month and I haven't thought about buying makeup (we've had too much on), although I did receive a Priceline voucher for around $6.50 - and since there wasn't anything else I wanted to spend it on, I ended up putting the voucher towards one of my HG lip glosses.

This is allowed under my spending ban rules, so I haven't broken the ban this month: I've just made a permitted purchase (and a very small one).

I bought:

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NYX Butter Gloss in Merengue

As you may know, these are my HG lip glosses and I always have a few on hand. While I do still have a few to reach for, I am getting through mine as we speak and buying another one will never go astray because I always use them.

I bought this shade because I haven't tried it yet and I'm trying to work my way through the entire collection so I can find my favourite shades. This one looks a little too pink for me (pink doesn't suit me), but it's a cool-toned pink with blue undertones so it should suit me better than your average pink. We'll see.

That's all from me. 

It's been another good month and I wouldn't have bought anything, but for receiving the Priceline voucher that needed to be used (or I would have lost the credit). 

So rather than let the credit go or just randomly buy something I didn't need, I chose to put that credit towards something I would always use: these glosses are one of the few products that keep my dry lips feeling hydrated, so I use them every day. And I only spent around $3.50 to make up the purchase, meaning my wallet didn't take a big hit.

Anyhoo. I'm looking forward to another month of finishing makeup and not buying more. I have a makeup inventory update due in March, so I've got my eye on reducing my numbers by then and perhaps even changing my goals and aiming for an even smaller collection by the end of this year.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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