Nak Ultimate Treatment 60 Second Repair - review


As you may know, I haven't had a lot of luck with haircare lately and most of the products I've tried over the past 18 months haven't worked for me at all. Perhaps I'm just unlucky.

However I'm pleased to say this one does work, and my hair has been enjoying it. The product was given to me for Christmas in 2017 but I only started using it around six months ago. Since then I've been using it once a fortnight as a treat, because I don't want to finish it too quickly.

Do note that I haven't used much Nak haircare in my time but I have used some and I also received a Nak kit for Christmas 2017 along with this product.

I still need to do my unboxing post for the kit, but I've been using two of the three products it contains for a while now - and I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to review them. Must get my act together and put that unboxing post up sooner rather than later.

Nak claims/product details:

  • The perfect in-shower intense moisturising treatment
  • The days of standing around freezing with the shower off so your hair mask can penetrate your hair is over
  • Deeply nourishes and repairs hair in just 60 seconds
  • Use as a hair mask every third or fourth time you wash your hair, or swap out your conditioner for this treatment if you have exceptionally dry or damaged hair
  • Leaves hair feeling more soft and smooth instantly, with an obvious increased shine
  • With regular use, this treatment will bring tired hair back to life
  • Smooths, repairs, moisturises and rebuilds
  • Designed for dry, damaged, colour treated hair
  • Key ingredients: argan oil, keratin and silk amino acids
  • Sulphate and paraben free
  • RRP $22.95 AUD for 150ml, but do shop around


I love this product and it's one of the best hair masks I've tried. While I still do love my HG OGX mask (reviewed here), this one delivers similar results - and although the OGX mask works a little better, you only need to leave this Nak product on for one minute so it doesn't take as long to use. A huge plus!

It's a white cream with a perfume-like scent that I don't love, but I'm only aware of it when I first squeeze the product out so it doesn't bother me. 

It's a medium-thick cream and I recommend starting with a small amount and working it through the hair to the ends. If you're like me and are used to slathering on enough product to hydrate your dry hair, I wouldn't do that with this: try a smaller amount first (even if it doesn't feel like enough) and then use more next time if it doesn't offer your desired results.

On that, be sure to wash all the product out! I've missed a patch a couple of times and it's left my hair looking dull and greasy in that spot - dry hair can 'cling' to products like this so it's essential to do a really good rinse.

What I love about this product is that it leaves my dry, frizzy hair super shiny, soft, manageable and hydrated. It also targets my frizz and helps with detangling too - and while it doesn't do these two things as successfully as my OGX mask, it still does enough that I notice a difference.

On the claims: yes this intensively moisturises; yes it works in one minute; yes it nourishes and repairs; yes it's good for dry, damaged and colour-treated hair; and yes it makes my hair feel softer and smoother, and it also adds shine.

Overall I think this product generally meets its claims and I recommend it. Plus I love that you only have to leave it on for one minute, and it works well for my dry, frizzy, long and temperamental hair.

Worth trying.

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