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Hello and welcome to Pan that Palette 2019!

I'm super excited to start this year's challenge and I can't wait to get stuck into things. This is partly because I've had over two months away from panning eyeshadow palettes and partly because I'm raring to go.

Let's get straight into it.

This year I'm panning my Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Collection. 

As you'll see below, I've already made a reasonable start on mine - but I've still got my work cut out for me because these mattes are tightly packed and I know they won't be easy to pan.

I chose this palette because it's the oldest stand-alone palette in my collection (I've had it for something like four years), so it's time to send it packing before the shadows start deteriorating with age.

Below is how my palette is looking today, 7 January 2019:

Enhanced for clarity:

You'll see that I've hit pan in all nine shades, which is certainly a good place to start from, although I still have a long way to go.

My aim is to finish this entire palette by the end of the year, which I think I can do reasonably easily but I'll need to keep at it.

My aim for month one of my challenge is to play around with this and work out which shadows I want to pan first. Yes I think Heaven and Lace Teddy will be early casualties, but I want to work on Nudie and Cashmere Bunny too because I have similar shades in my custom palette, so it makes sense to clear those out first.

Looking forward to seeing how much progress I can make in a month! I reckon that will give me a good idea of how long the lot will take me to pan.

What I've also decided to do for 2019 is start working on more of the shadows from my custom palettes. 

Reason being, I'm keen to free up some room in those so I can start de-potting other eyeshadows by the end of the year, plus the shadows in my custom palettes are some of my oldest powders so they need to go first.

While I did think of panning one of my Hourglass quints, what I've instead decided to do is make enough room in my custom palettes to move those three quints into one of these palettes by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

There's a mixed bag in here but I've included some Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadows, since they're the oldest ones in my collection and some of them are starting to dry out a little so I want to use them while they still work ok.

I've also included a blush and a bronzer that I would like to finish, plus four shimmers to go with the Too Faced palette and a warm brown from Becca that I'll likely need once I've finished Honey Butter and Chocolate Cookie from my Too Faced palette.

There's my custom palette today, 7 January 2019:

Enhanced for clarity:

As always, let's work in sections.

Below are two Kevyn Aucoin singles followed by three duos (so eight pans in total), as of 7 January 2019:

Enhanced for clarity:

While I doubt I'll do much with the two darkest colours (right) this year, I do expect to make some good progress on the other six shades. 

You'll see that I already have pan showing in three of the mattes, and I'll be glad if I can kick those three out in 2019. This will depend on how fast I finish the Too Faced palette, since I'll focus on these shades more as I finish pans from that palette.

I don't really have a goal for this month, but I'll aim to stick my brush into every shade at least once.

Then we have Benefit's Hoola (or four minis of that bronzer), which is already looking well-loved because I've been working on it for a while:

Enhanced for clarity:

I want to finish this within six months so I can switch it out and start working on my Bobbi Brown bronzer.

I'm not sure whether I can do this because there's a lot of product in here, but I'll certainly be going crazy with this on the body during summer and make as much progress as I can early on.

My Kevyn Aucoin blush in Dolline:

Enhanced for clarity:

I've made a good start on this already because I've been panning it since last year. With this shade I'm not only using it as a blush, but I'm also mixing some in with my setting powder - this makes my skin look a little brighter without looking peach.

I'm hoping to have this panned within three months so I can start working on a different blush via Project Pan. Fingers crossed.

Last up, my round pans:

Enhanced for clarity:

The four shimmers I mixed myself, and the matte is a Becca eyeshadow. Note that I want to work on more Becca eyeshadows in 2019, so I'm hoping to bring more into the challenge as I start to finish pans throughout the year.

All five shades are showing some progress but not much, so I'll be interested to see how far I can take them this year.

In sum

That's all from me!

I'm super excited to be starting my Pan that Palette challenge for 2019 and I can't wait to see how far I can take it by year's end.

Do let me know in the comments whether you're doing Pan that Palette this year and include any links so I can follow your progress.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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Sylden Christine Hena said...

Good luck with the project! I think that the shadows on your work really well with each other. Those will be pretty for everyday soft smokey cool tone eyes. I love wearing smokey eyes for everyday wear. :)

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