Manuka Doctor ApiRefine CC Cream SPF 20 - review and swatches


I bought this product a while ago when it was on clearance at Priceline, and I opened it perhaps two months back when I'd finished enough foundation to justify opening another base.

I'm pleased to report that I really enjoy it, and while I wouldn't buy it at full price, at half price it was definitely worth the outlay. More on that below.

Manuka Doctor claims/product details:

  • Airbrushing in a tube
  • A natural-looking, colour-correcting formula that visibly brightens, smooths and evens the appearance of skin
  • With Purified Bee Venom (PBV™) and Manuka honey to firm, lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it’s more than just a cover
  • Gives skin a natural boost with vitamins and minerals, while disguising and concealing imperfections
  • May be applied under makeup or on its own
  • Firming, tinted moisturiser with added SPF 20
  • RRP $39.95 AUD for 30ml, but do shop around

Below I've done three swatches: heavy, partially blended and blended out.

Indirect sunlight:

Weak sunlight:

Strong sunlight: 


This is a good little product and I'm enjoying mine, although as mentioned above, I would never spend $40 on the full size - especially because I need quite a bit per application and I would burn through it too quickly.

It's a standard CC cream that comes in a pump bottle and it blends beautifully into the skin, although I suggest starting with one pump and then going back and adding a second after the first one has absorbed - otherwise you may run into issues because your skin can only hold so much product at a time.

I love that it colour-adapts well to my skintone, and while it comes out looking rather cool-toned and flat (it has a grey undertone), once I've applied it to my skin, it deepens and becomes more yellow.

I've been using this on days when I know I'm going to be in the sun and need an extra boost of sun protection. While the coverage isn't huge, I can build it to a light-medium and that's enough for me. You can also just use one pump and go for a sheer-to-light coverage if you want to.

I love that this looks natural on the skin and doesn't announce itself as makeup, and I also love that it suits my light-medium to medium, yellow-based skin. Plus it lasts reasonably well throughout the day (around six hours, so long as I set it with a powder), which is around what I'd expect for a tinted moisturiser.

Note, though, that it doesn't hold up that well in the scorching heat. That is, if it's super hot and I'm sweaty, then this will lift and swirl off my face. Indeed, I came home from the childcare run yesterday and the sweat around my nose and mouth had lifted this product clean off my skin. All I did was pat in what I could and it looked fine again (and the rest of my face held up so that's a plus), but that's something to be aware of. I wouldn't wear it in those conditions again.

Overall I think this is a decent product and I've really been enjoying it, and while I think it's overpriced for what it is, you can easily buy it heavily discounted from the chemist (I paid $20 for mine), and I do think it's worth that amount. It looks natural but still has decent coverage, it applies beautifully with very little effort, and it contains sunscreen - always a plus for summer.

Definitely worth trying.

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