Be a Bombshell The One Stick in Southern Belle - review and swatches


Yesterday was one of those god-awful days when my little girl had slept terribly the night before (meaning we slept terribly too) and she was a gremlin all day because she was so tired. She had one daytime sleep of 20 minutes yesterday and that was it. ARGH! Fingers crossed that today is a better day.

Happily I still managed to give this product one final test yesterday, which was one of the few things I was able to get done. Sometimes even applying makeup is a feat when you have a baby, so I'm glad I found the space to put my face on and try this stick one last time in different weather (and with a different base).

We received the product in our July Lust Have It boxes (reviewed here) and it was the second one I'd received because I got one from Violet Box ages ago.

The one from VB was a pale, icy pink that didn't suit me, so I passed it on to a better home. This one is a much better colour on me, but after another round of rigorous testing and comparing it to the products I already own, I've decided to pass this one on as well because I have too much stuff and I know someone who'd really love the colour.

Be a Bombshell claims/product details:
  • An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture
  • Southern Belle is described as a warm coral with a light shimmer
  • Available in seven shades
  • To use: apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips as you would regular eyeshadow, blush or lip gloss
  • RRP $24 AUD for 7g

I've photographed it in the shade above and in direct sunlight below. It looks quite bright when you first see it but it does sheer down nicely so you can wear it without looking overdone if you prefer a more natural look.

 Below I've swatched it in natural light, unblended on the left and sheered out on the right:

Same shot, taken in the shade:

And in sunlight:

 Wearing it on my cheeks and lips, shot taken in natural light:

In direct sunlight:

In the shade:

It looks drying on the lips, see below:


This is an ok product and it's fine for the price. It's a similar idea to the Nars Multiple - just a lot cheaper.

Southern Belle is indeed a warm coral but it leans a little too pink for my personal taste, which is one of the reasons why I've decided to send it to a better home. 

As mentioned above, it looks very bright when you open it and swatch it heavily, but once sheered out the glow it offers is a lot more natural and it's a colour that should suit many skintones - particularly because you can wear more or less of it depending on how pale or dark you are.

I'm not sure I'd call this a 'one stick', however: it's not a colour I can wear around my eye area (I've seen a few people say this about this particular shade) and I don't like it on my lips at all. On the lips it feels waxy and a bit yuck, plus it's drying and emphasises my lip lines. This means it's really only suitable on cheeks (for me, anyway), which is fine - but if you're after a multi-purpose product I suggest testing one of these first to check that you can wear it in different ways.

I do like it on my cheeks and it spreads and blends well to give a nice, natural and even application. It dries down to a slightly powdery finish (and it feels powdery to the touch), so do be aware of this. While it does contain shimmer, this doesn't translate to the cheeks so you don't look like a disco-ball, which I personally prefer.

One thing I don't like about it - and this is the main reason why I'm passing it on - is that it has a tendency to sit in pores and I'm self-conscious of my pores and don't like it when products settle into them. It's not terrible, but I notice it even though other people mightn't be able to tell. Another reason to test the product first, if pores are an issue for you too.

Otherwise I think it's a decent product for the price and it lasts well throughout the day. I also like that it's buildable so you can wear a little or a lot of it depending on your preferences. The packaging is sleek, functional and compact enough for travel, so that's a plus too.

In sum, a decent product for the price but not one I would buy due to the pore issue and how it feels on my lips.

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