Lust Have It November 2015


My November Lust Have It Women's Box showed up yesterday on the last day of the month.

LHI doesn't have the best track record when it comes to getting boxes out on time so I was glad to receive this one in the right month and I hope that continues : )

This box isn't my favourite but the last one I received was the LHI Spring Eco Box, which was so good that anything else was going to pale in comparison.

There's the description card above. 

We received two lip products in one box again and I'm not thrilled about that because I'm overloaded with lip products as it is, but I'm super pleased about the Evelyn Iona concealer because I already have that (it came in a previous Violet Box) and it's a great product so I don't mind having a back up.

Ulta3 Cream Blush Stick in Beach Bronze (RRP $6.95; received full size)

You could have received one of four colours and I'm so glad I got this bronze one because I don't have a lot of browns and I probably would have passed any other colour on to a better home since I don't need any more bright cheek products.

Apparently this is blendable and buildable, easy to apply, and delivers a fresh and natural-looking glow. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like. If it's good, it's going straight in my handbag because it's travel-friendly and would work for touch-ups on the go.

Manna Kadar Liplocked Lippie Priming Lip Wand in Love Lust (RRP $24 for 2.5g; received full size)

'Love Lust' is a bright fuchsia pink and I'm not sure whether I'll keep it because it's not a colour I'll wear (that's why I haven't swatched it). It's apparently a colourful, priming lip chubbie that contains a built-in primer and vitamins to nourish the lips, while ensuring all day colour. 

I like the idea of the built-in primer but I may well end up giving sending this to a better home because I don't need any more lip products - particularly ones in bright colours like this one.

Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Concealer in Flawless (RRP $19.80 for 3g; received 1.7g sample)

This is a great concealer and I'm pleased to have another one. I've reviewed it here, and here's a swatch from that post:

According to the card, it provides a creamy, smooth and light coverage that helps hide imperfections and delivers a dewy natural glow.

I can confirm it does those things and it's a really great product, so I'm excited about this inclusion.

Coral Colours Love Lips in Cotton Candy (RRP $6.99 for 7.5g; received full size)

Dammit I got another bright pink lip product! Again, I haven't opened and swatched this because I'm not sure that I'll keep it - it's just not my kind of colour.

It's meant to deliver a rich, uniform colour in a creamy and smooth formula. It also contains goodies that leave lips looking smoother and healthier. I suspect I'll send it to a better home since I have so many lip products already and the colour doesn't wow me.

Gariner Miracle Day Cream (RRP $19.99 for 50ml; received 5ml sample)

I received a full size of this cream in a previous sub box and I didn't love it, so this will also go to a better home. I've reviewed the product here.

It's apparently an anti-ageing cream with instant and long-term results, and uses self-adjusting technology to even out your skintone. On me, this product adapts strangely and makes me look washed out, plus the finish is too greasy and it smells really strong.

I've seen some people rave about this one but it's just not for me.

Bonus: Carefree Ultra Thins and Skin Magic Tea

These four tea bags are from an old box since we were meant to get six and got one each in the last two boxes, so I'm pleased to see that LHI has fulfilled its promise and given us the other four.

The pads are a bonus product and they'll get used: there's not much more to say about them ; ).

In sum

This isn't my favourite box and it's not as good value as usual: the RRP of the contents is around $50.

I'm happy with the Evelyn Iona concealer and glad I got the bronze blush stick, but otherwise most of this box will be sent to a better home.

I'm interested to hear what others think of this box. Let me know your thoughts if you got one : )

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