Project Pan mini update #10


I somehow managed to finish off my Becca lip tint in Olesya a lot faster than I was expecting.

What happened is that it got quite soft once I reached the last third of the product, so I kept applying too much by accident and lost a bit around the edges because the upper portion (which was harder) came off and when I stuck it back on, it pushed the lower squishy bits out the sides. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but hopefully you get what I mean!

Anyhoo. The gorgeous container is heading straight for my lipstick stand because it's too pretty to turf, and I've decided to replace it with a non-lip product since I've already got a few of those on my PP list and don't need any more.

Here's what I'm replacing it with:

Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder

This is a really fantastic product. I've reviewed it here.

I received the sample from Violet Box a while back and I've been carting it around in my handbag for oil-control throughout the day, but since I have dry skin and don't usually need touch-ups of my finishing powder, it's not getting used.

I want to use it though because it's a great finishing powder and one of the few that doesn't dry out my already-dry skin.

There's what it looks like:

What I normally use for a finishing powder is my trusty Hourglass Dim Light: it's not something I use to control shine but to make my skin look a whole lot better than it otherwise would. But at the moment I'm using a CC cream as my base that's loaded with sunscreen and it's therefore quite greasy, so I do need something to put beneath the Hourglass product and this little powder will do nicely.

What I love about it is that it has a blurring effect so it does something towards hiding my pores and fine lines. I'll happily use it daily and I'll be sad once it's gone, but I do have other powders floating around so I won't be completely lost without it.

I'm not sure how long the little tub will last, but I expect it will be gone within a couple of months. I don't use much each time but there's not a lot of it to get through, so it's a good inclusion for Project Pan because I have a chance of finishing it by the end of the year.

I've got another couple of PP products that are on their last legs, so I'll check in with another update once those are done : )

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