Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask - review


The next product I'm reviewing from my Mario Badescu Anti-ageing Kit is the Super Collagen Mask.

Unlike many masks (which you're not meant to use so often), the directions say to use this product two or three times a week.

I've been doing this, and while I haven't noticed any huge benefits from using the product, it also hasn't irritated or dried out my skin - despite the frequent application - so that's a plus.

What I've done with this product during the testing period is stopped using any of the three other masks I have open.

I've done this because I wanted to see exactly what this one was doing, and also because two or three mask applications per week is more than enough for my skin and I didn't want to throw anything else in the mix and risk winding up with dry or stripped skin.

As you can see below, the mask is a pale green colour and is obviously clay-based.

Mario Badescu claims/product details:
  • Firm and tone mature and sensitive skin 
  • A collagen and clay-based mask designed to tighten, nourish and purify skin
  • Soothing oatmeal helps reduce redness and irritation on sensitive skin
  • RRP $24.50 AUD for 56g


There's nothing hugely wrong with this mask, it's just that I'm quite picky when it comes to masks because if I don't see any great benefits then I don't think they're worth the time.

Also, I've been lucky enough to find a small handful of masks that work wonders for my skin, so any new mask I'm testing has to be pretty amazing for me to give it a good review.

This mask isn't amazing - it's just ok. The good thing about it is that, despite being a clay mask, it doesn't dry out or irritate my already dry/sensitive skin. This is a pretty big deal because most 'lesser' clay masks do this, so I'm always pleased to find one that doesn't.

It's a pale green mask that has a faint, clay-like scent. It applies smoothly and feels quite cooling/soothing on the skin, drying down with a slight tightening effect that's not too uncomfortable.

I do think it's gentle enough to use up to three times a week as directed: I've never felt that this was too much or that my skin has suffered from this many applications.

I don't notice any huge difference in my skin after using the product. It perhaps looks a little brighter and feels a little smoother (which is why I use it in the morning, before makeup application), but that's about it.

I don't notice any firming/toning action as claimed, and I don't think it tightens or nourishes my skin. I also don't think it reduces redness or irritation, but it doesn't cause it either - which can be a problem with some masks.

Also, I've had a bad breakout recently from a product I was using, and this mask did nothing to purify my skin as claimed and fix or lessen the problem, so I don't think the purifying claim is true either.

Note, though, that I've seen a lot of lasses with oily skin rave about this product, so perhaps it's more beneficial for those with a different skin type from mine. For this reason, I wouldn't discount the product and I think it's worth testing if you're after something to help manage oily skin.

In sum, this isn't a bad product - I've just found masks that work better for me.

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