John Frieda Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray - review


I received this product in Marie Claire's The Parcel, Winter Edit (reviewed here).

It took me a while to open it because I have so much haircare on the go already and I wanted to finish a couple of other things first, so it wasn't until the beginning of last month that I finally gave this a crack.

In short, I like it and if I use it the right way I can get some pretty good de-frizzing results, which makes a boof-haired lass happy!

John Frieda claims/product details:
  • An original fan favourite, this iconic sea-salt infused spray is back and better than ever
  • Enhances natural waves and increases grip and texture for a ropey, ripple effect with a matte finish
  • A leave-in, non-drying formula that's suitable for all hair colours
  • Features a summery coconut fragrance
  • Perfect for carefree, beachy styles
  • To use: shake well and mist product thoroughly into towel-dried or dry hair; comb through to distribute; air dry or blow dry with diffuser for a tousled style
  • For longer hair: twist sections to create ropes of hair; run fingers through sections to tousle and create loose, irregular waves
  • For shorter hair: just mess up hair for a sexy, tousled finish
  • RRP $16.99 AUD for 150ml


I haven't tried any salt sprays before so I can't compare this product to others, but I can say that this one works well and does exactly what it says it will do.

After having a look online at different reviews, many who do use salt sprays say this is one of the best, and my personal experience of the product is good so it's worth a look-in if you're in the market for something like this.

It's a clear spray that smells like piƱa colada and the fragrance is quite strong so I'd test it first if you don't like scented products.

What I love about it is that it tames my frizzy, wavy hair better than many other dedicated hair-taming products have managed to do. It does this without weighing it down and decreasing the time between washes, so that's a huge plus. 

On top of that, it helps flatten those annoying frizzy bits around my hairline that normally thwart other products because those hairs are short and wiry and difficult to beat into submission. I'm not saying it does a perfect job, but it does a much better job than any other hair product I've used in the last year or so.

While it doesn't make my hair crunchy or weigh it down, it does make it look and feel a bit coated but I guess that's where the 'matte finish' mentioned in the claims comes in. One thing to note, though, is that I wouldn't use this product every day: I've tried that and my hair gets gross and overloaded with gunk pretty quickly, so it needs to be washed on the third day if I use it three days in a row. 

I find it works best if I use it on dry hair just after washing, and one application per wash is enough for my dry, wavy hair. Any more than this and it makes my hair feel grimy and drier than it was to start with.

On the product claims, I think this product meets those so a big thumbs up because I hate it when products don't meet any of their claims. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does give a matte finish (I prefer my hair to look shiny), but it's meant to do this so I'm not criticising the product itself with that comment, just noting my personal preference.

All in all, this is a great product that does exactly what it says it will do. I also think it's reasonable value because you only need to use a little each time to get a good effect.

Big ticks from me.

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