Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15 - review


I've been able to move quite quickly through the first few reviews of each product in this Mario Badescu Anti-ageing Kit, purely because this cream, the toner and the mask have been in circulation for at least two weeks now.

The cleanser and eye cream however haven't been open that long, so I'll need more time before I can review those and write a round-up post on the set as a whole.

I've actually sampled this moisturiser before and I remember that I didn't love it but I didn't mind it either. Interestingly it's the worst-rated Mario Badescu product on the Mecca website, and while I don't think it's amazing, I also don't think it's that bad.

Mario Badescu claims/product details:
  • Ultra-lightweight, daily moisture with moderate sun protection all-in-one
  • Thin texture 
  • Helps maintain healthy skin with a collagen-rich formula
  • Protects skin from moisture loss and keeps skin smooth, plump and healthy without the use of heavy oils
  • RRP $33 AUD for 59ml, but do shop around


I can see why people have issues with this product but those issues don't bother me too much.

First, it leaves a slightly greasy film on your face. If you don't like that or if you have oily skin, this might really bother you - but I have dry skin so I need extra moisture and anything oily doesn't stay that way because I put makeup over it every day.

Second, the nozzle does clog with product even though I'm using it every day and therefore product isn't sitting in the nozzle for too long. What happens is that the cream hitting air dries a bit, but when you squeeze it out the dry blob does actually spread and absorb so it doesn't worry me.

Third, it's not a particularly amazing cream that achieves anything brilliant. But it does moisturise my dry skin well and it absorbs beautifully, plus it contains sunscreen. It's not a product I would buy but I'm using it happily every day and my skin isn't suffering from it - it's just not looking as good as it might if I were using a better product.

I have sensitive skin that's prone to dryness and breaking out if I'm using dodgy skincare, but I haven't had any issues from using this product. I was using something prior to this one that broke me out, but this hasn't worsened the problem so that's a plus.

All in all, this moisturiser is fine but it's not one I would buy. It's not too expensive but I don't think it adds enough to my skincare routine to warrant a permanent position and I think you could do better, even at this price point.


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