Lust Have It Spring Eco Box 2015


I used the $10 voucher LHI recently gave us to pick up the Spring Eco Box, which I wanted when I saw it contained the Mr Bean body scrub - an HG product of mine and one I'd been planning on buying anyway since mine's running low.

So cost of the box was made up for me (and then some) because I paid $14.95 for the box and the scrub itself costs $17.95 without shipping. Huzzah!

It's also a really great box and I'm thrilled with it. Indeed, I'm considering switching from the LHI Women's Box to this one because it's the best box I've received from LHI for a while and the Women's Boxes get a little same same after a while when you've been subscribing to beauty boxes as long as I have.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look : )

There's the product card that came with the box. 

You can see it contains an interesting mix of products, and a few of the brands are new to me so I'm pleased I have the chance to try some new things. 

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub in Mandarin (RRP $17.95 for 220g; received full size)

There it is - yay! I absolutely love this product and I'm glad I received the mandarin version because I have the coconut one and I was keen to see what this scent is like.

It's an organic scrub that contains coffee beans, cold pressed coconut and vitamin E oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar and cacao. It's apparently tough enough to improve skin imperfections but still leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

A sensational product and one I highly recommend. I've reviewed the coconut version here and I'll review this one after I've opened and tested it. Woot woot!

SkinYoga Oats and Roses Face Wash Miniature (RRP $4.20 for 5.67g)

How cute is the packaging?! This is some of the nicest packaging I've ever seen, and when I was considering buying the box for the coffee scrub, the decision was made when I saw photos of this product. Not that I judge a book by its cover, but you know... ; )

There's what's inside:

According to the description card, rose petals are a natural toner and an excellent sunblock. This cleanser is a vitamin C enriched combination with real rose petals and oats, and will leave your skin feeling protected, clean and toned.

I also haven't heard of this brand, which makes me even more excited to try the product.

Ivadore Tanning Treatment (RRP $14.95 for 30ml)

I hadn't heard of this brand either and I didn't realise the product was a tanning treatment when I saw photos of the box online, but I'm super glad it is because I don't have a facial tanner at the moment and I need one, so this has saved me another purchase!

It apparently uses plant-derived self-tan technology and is infused with a high concentration of carefully selected natural and certified organic ingredients. It's designed for sensitive skin (that's me) and delivers a soft, smooth and healthy glowing complexion.

I'll likely open this product first since I have nothing like it open, so looking forward to reviewing it.

Reed Pure Olive Charcoal Detox Bar (Castille) (RRP $4.50; received full size)

I'm not a soap user but I loved the Reed body scrub we received in an earlier box, plus this one looks pretty special so I might just have to use it rather than give it to my soap-fiend husband, which is usually what I do with soaps I receive from sub boxes.

According to the card, it's great for sensitive skin and those who suffer from particular skin conditions, and is gentle enough for newborn babies. 

Do note that the expiry date listed on the back is 31 December 2015, so looks like I'll have to move it up the list and use it sooner than I'd planned.

SkinYoga Marigold Foot Soak Miniature (RRP $6.30 for 40g)

My feet always need some TLC, it's just finding the time to do soaks and masks because I have a young baby. Maybe on the weekend when my husband's around.

Apparently the marigold flower works as an excellent coolant to bring down body heat, and also soothes and de-tans sunburned feet.

Sounds interesting. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it soon.

Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Lip Gloss in Lise (RRP $26.25; received full size)

I received one of these from Violet Box but it was in a bad colour for me and this one looks a lot nicer. I've got far too many glosses sitting around that I don't plan to open until I've finished the ones I've got on the go, so it may take me a while to get to this one but I'm looking forward to trying it.

I love the Evelyn Iona concealer I have (also received from Violet Box) so I'm hoping this product is good too. It's apparently certified organic, all natural and preservative free, and contains hydrating essential oils, coconut oil and shea butter, plus antioxidant-rich botanical extracts.

Phytocare Papaya Pawpaw Ointment (RRP $6.95 for 10g; received full size)

This is the only item in the box that I'm not excited about because I've received so many pawpaw treatments from sub boxes that I'm rather over them and I don't love them anyway (I prefer eg coconut balm), but at least it will get used.

It's for cracked, dry, irritated skin, cradle cap and dry heels, and is gentle enough to use as a nappy cream. It also protects skin and lips against wind and cold, and is apparently moisturising, soothing and nourishing, plus it promotes skin elasticity.

My little girl still has cradle cap, so I might see how it goes for treating that since nothing else has worked so far. The tube is also a great travel size to put in our nappy bag.

While this isn't an exciting product for me, I'm all for multi-purpose items (particularly ones that are smaller and good for travel), so I should get a lot of use from this product.

In sum

This is without question one of the best boxes I've ever received and I'm so glad I ordered it.

The RRP value is $81.10, so it's a worthwhile box if you're interested in the products and will use them.

Can't wait to try everything, and as always I'll update this post and write individual reviews of the contents once I do.

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