Ipuda Eggplant Soothing Gel - review


Yes, that is correct. This product looks EXACTLY like a dildo.

When my sister-in-law gave it to me as part of my birthday present, everyone in the room cracked up laughing. I do wonder if Ipuda manages sell a few of these based purely on the gag-factor of the packaging. 

If so, it's not a bad marketing ploy because it's definitely a 'different' kind of beauty product for the beauty junkie who has everything.

I've researched this product and can't find any information about it online - so I can't do my usual 'product claims/details' spiel because I can't find any, other than to note that it's made in Korea and retails for anywhere between $10 and $16 AUD for 250ml.

I'm not even sure where this is meant to be used (face, body, hands?). My sister-in-law thought it was a handcream, but I suspect it's best used on the body because it's not hydrating enough for the hands (and I'm not sure if I've ever come across a dedicated hand gel).

All it says on the packaging (in English) is: 'the natural world as it exists without human beings or civilisation; the elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals or rivers'.

Helpful ; )

But I do like the general gist of that description, so let's assume it's a naturally derived product.

Other than looking like a dildo, the packaging is a standard squeeze-tube and you stand it upside down (unlike many products), which I quite like because the product naturally flows the right way and this will make things easy once there's not much left since the gel will pool near the opening.

There's what it looks like below - clear and quite thick - but it does start to melt once it hits warm skin so it spreads well.


I'll be brief because there's not a lot to say about a product I can't find any description or claims for (they may well exist, just not in English).

It's a clear gel that melts quickly and becomes almost watery when warmed by the skin.

It has a very faint, inoffensive scent that doesn't linger. There's something almost green about the scent - mossy and foresty (that's so not a word, but anyhoo) - and it's quite pleasant. It doesn't smell remotely eggplant-like, but perhaps it contains eggplant, hence the product's name.

The gel is indeed quite soothing and cooling when applied, so it's a good summer product for hot days. What I don't like about it is that it leaves the skin feeling sticky for a good ten minutes after application. The stickiness does calm down but doesn't vanish for a while (I can still feel it even though I applied it an hour ago).

I'm not a fan of products that leave a film because this generally indicates they're not being fully absorbed (or absorbed at all). On that, it's not a hydrating product so I wouldn't recommend it if you want something that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Overall I don't love the product but I'll definitely use it and enjoy the cooling factor on hot days. It's not something I would recommend as a beauty product, but if you need a Christmas gift for someone who's hard to buy for, it's almost worth picking it up just to have a good laugh over the packaging!

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