Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel - review


I remember going into Mecca Maxima to buy this product because I needed a new cleanser and only had to spend $15 to move up a level in the Beauty Loop program. At the time this cost $16 (it's since gone up a couple of bucks) and it also had great reviews so it seemed like a win-win situation.

Happily it was indeed a double win because I love this product and can see myself buying it again and again. I'm willing to throw money at decent skincare but cleansers are lower on the list because you wash them off, so while I might drop $70 on a great moisturiser, I won't when it comes to cleansing products.

Since this one's a cheapie and I love it (plus the bottle is huge), I suspect I'll keep buying it for years because it does the job and doesn't hurt my wallet. Huzzah!

As with most of the Mario Badescu products I've used so far, this one comes with a little nozzle that you pull up when you want to use the cleanser so you can squeeze some out.

Unlike the Mario Badescu moisturiser I reviewed recently, I don't find that any of the cleanser dries in the nozzle and clogs it, so that's a plus. The packaging is simple but it's functional and I don't worry about the lid bursting off and spewing out product when I travel - another plus.

Mario Badescu claims/product details:
  • Our best-selling daily cleanser
  • A non-foaming gel that thoroughly removes the day’s makeup, dirt and oil without over-drying the skin
  • Papaya and grapefruit extracts contain exfoliating AHAs that help prevent dulling build-up, which can cause blackheads and breakouts
  • A refreshing cleanser that leaves skin healthy
  • RRP $18 AUD for 236ml


I'm really happy with this cleanser and, as mentioned, I can see myself buying it again and again. It's cheap and it works, and you can't ask for more than that : )

It's a thick, pale green gel that feels beautifully soothing on the skin. It smells like papaya to me and it's a scent I really like. Whenever I use the cleanser I get a lift from the scent, so I enjoy using it for that reason alone.

It's a very gentle product that manages to be effective despite being mild. I thought the non-foaming aspect would bother me because I tend to prefer foaming cleansers, but I don't even notice it with this product because I like using it so much.

It feels silky on the skin and I don't need to use much to dissolve that first layer of gunk from my face. Do note that I always double cleanse and often use a different product for the second cleanse, and while I think this gel cleanses well, I personally wouldn't rely on it as my only cleanser because it doesn't give my face that really fresh clean feeling that you get from heavy duty products.

That's definitely a personal thing though and not an issue with this cleanser's ability to remove grime: I've just always preferred products that others might find too harsh, simply because I like how my skin feels after a really good wash or scrub.

If you have sensitive skin, this product is definitely worth testing. But if you prefer foaming cleansers that really get in there and leave your face so clean that you could use it as a mirror, this mightn't be for you.

All in all, I do think the product lives up to its claims and I love using it. Plus it's not expensive, particularly considering how big the bottle is. Yay!

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