Designer Brands (DB) Twist 'n Go Nail Polish Remover & Primer - review


I received this remover in September's Lust Have It women's box (reviewed here).

I'd heard so much about the product that I was interested to try it, although I must admit that I needed to get my head around the 'ick' factor of dipping my hand into the murky depths of something strong enough to strip nail polish in one second. 

It's not the nicest thought (I mean, what's it doing to your skin?), but the product works so those thoughts were quickly forgotten.

There's what it looks like inside - a soaked foam insert with a hole in the middle:

DB claims/product details:
  • DB's top seller
  • Removes even the most stubborn nail polish in one second
  • Nourishes the skin and nail bed with vitamins c & e, aloe vera and green tea extracts
  • Simply dip, twist and go!
  • Winner of the Beautyheaven Glosscar in 2014 for 'Best New Hand Product'
  • The perfect no fuss, no mess travel companion
  • Contains no phthalates or triclosan
  • Free of talcs, bismuth and parabens
  • No strong odour
  • To use: with pre-moistened foam remover pad inside, just slip your finger into the centre, twist and your nail polish is effortlessly removed
  • RRP $4.99 AUD

There's my nicely chipped nail polish above.

Dipping my finger in...

Woot woot!

Note that it doesn't quite get to the edges of your polish though (no matter how much I twist my finger around), and it sometimes leaves a bit of a residue:


This is a good product that does what it says it will do.

Despite my initial reservations, it doesn't feel gross at all to dip your fingers in. For some reason I thought the inside would be all sludgy. Not so. It's just soaked foam - not scary at all ; )

Products like this are a god-send for those of us with babies and small children, because you really don't have time to spend ages removing your polish. Before opening this product, I'd walk around with chipped nails for days - now I just whip it out whenever my polish starts looking tired and it removes it so quickly, it's quite incredible.

My husband loves this product. Probably because I'm not walking around with shabby, chipped nails all the time. Ha.

As mentioned above, it doesn't quite remove the edges of your polish but I find it's easy enough to scratch those off after using the product because it's loosened them enough.

I also find it's quite drying on my nails (they look dry after using this) and also my fingers, so I'm glad you only need to dip your finger in for a moment because I don't like the idea of what might be in there to get the job done so quickly and so well.

It sometimes also leaves a white residue on the nails, but that comes off easily enough too.

One thing to note is that while this product apparently has 'no strong odour', it absolutely reeks - so that claim is rubbish.

Also, I can't store my tub on the side because it leaks everywhere. I'm not sure whether I got a bung tub or whether that's an issue with the product itself, but I certainly wouldn't travel with it because it would wind up on everything and the scent is just so strong.

Overall, this is a great product and it's one I'll buy when my tub is done. And it's cheap - woot woot!

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