Project Pan 2015 round up: what I've finished this year


Welcome to my last Project Pan post of the 2015 year - huzzah!

It's the first year I've done Project Pan, and while it's been difficult to commit to getting through some of my products, it's been worthwhile because I've made a dent in my collection and I now don't feel like I have too much stuff: I have enough to keep things interesting, but not so much that I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, I've decided to go ahead and do Project Pan 2016, purely because I've started this thing now and I've still got a few products I want to finish.

I don't think that Project Pan 2016 will be as big as this year's: this year I had a bundle of half-finished products to get through and, since a lot of those are now gone, I've got less stuff to work with and what I do have is reasonably new.

Anyhoo. Here's my tally of finished products for the 2015 year:
  • Primers: six
  • Base products (BB/CC creams, foundations etc): eight
  • Face powders: three
  • Brow gels/mascaras: one
  • Lipsticks and glosses: eight
  • Lip pencils: one
  • Blushes: one
  • Bronzers: one
  • Eyeliners/brow pencils: four
  • Eyeshadows: two
  • Concealers: one
  • Highlighters (liquid): two
  • Nail polishes: four
  • Hair products: one

So the total is 40 products, which was what I was aiming for when I counted up the products I'd finished so far back in August. Woot woot!

I won't rehash my current PP list (and I haven't taken fresh photos for this post) because I'll do that in the coming days when I kick off PP 2016.

Between now and then, I'll be looking at my collection and working out what I have too many of and what's getting a little old. As always I have some base products that need to be used, so I suspect it will be another base-heavy year - but at least those things are possible to finish off, unlike eyeshadows and blushes, which last centuries!

'Till then : )

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