Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Antibacterial Hand Cream - review


I received this product from Beautyheaven as a points exchange, and while I need another hand cream like I need a hole in the head, this one's different from most because it has antibacterial properties.

That's a good thing if you've got a baby and a dog floating around in the same house, or if you're planning on travelling abroad and want to save space by having a hand cream and sanitiser rolled into one.

I've been using this product often because I do manage to get myself grubby all the time these days, plus my hands have been very dry this past year so I've started using hand cream all the time, which I've never done before.

That's one of the things no one tells you about when it comes to having children: you use your hands so much and spend lots of time washing them, so they tend to be perpetually dry - at least in my experience.

The good thing about this is that all those hand creams I've received in sub boxes are finally getting used ; ).

Lanolips claims/product details:
  • Conditions and protects
  • This cream has been independently proven to kill 99.99% of germs, including staphylococcus aureus and e-coli
  • With medical-strength antibacterial ingredients to kill germs, plus added lanolin to moisturise the hands
  • Unique consistency kills germs on contact
  • Our ultra-pure-grade lanolin formula then penetrates and settles on the skin to form a light and protective moisture barrier ‘glove’
  • A deceptively light, liquid cream that's easy to distribute over the entire hand
  • With aloe vera to refresh
  • Alcohol-free: does not strip skin of natural oils
  • To use: apply a layer of cream to hands, fingers and nails; allow cream to absorb and settle
  • RRP $15.99 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around

There's what the cream looks like below: it's white and quite thick but it does spread well.


This is a good product and I'm glad I've had a chance to test it. It's not my favourite hand cream and I don't plan to buy it, but I'm very happy to use and enjoy this tube.

It's a thick white cream that's a little on the heavy side but it does absorb well and it leaves my hands nicely hydrated. It's quite rich so it mightn't be for everyone, but my dry hands are loving it and I tend to prefer heavier creams at the moment because that's what they need.

It has a slight scent that reminds me of disinfectant, but in a fresh, pine-like and inoffensive way. If you don't like scented products, you might be ok with this because the smell isn't too strong and it doesn't linger too long on the hands.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it leaves a slight greasy residue behind and I can still feel it now, even though I applied the cream fifteen minutes ago. It's not terribly greasy and I've certainly used worse, but it's worth mentioning because many don't like products that leave a film on their hands - so if that's you, I suggest testing this product before committing to the purchase.

On the product claims: I do think it conditions and protects; it does spread well and moisturises the hands; it is refreshing to use; and it does feel like it leaves a barrier over the hands, helping to protect them. I can't say whether it kills germs but I'm willing to trust that it does.

I also love that the formula is alcohol-free since my skin doesn't like alcohol, which tends to dry out my skin, so that's a big plus.

All in all, this is a great product and I recommend it. As mentioned, I probably won't buy it - but only because I prefer hand creams that smell divine and give me a lift when I use them.

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