O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Don't Touch My Tutu! - review and swatches


I received this polish from Marie Claire's The Parcel and I'm not thrilled about the colour on me but I've tested it a few times anyway so I thought I'd review it before sending it to a better home.

It's a nice colour in theory - a sheer off white that's not too clinical or severe - but it's the kind of unforgiving polish that only works if you have perfect nails and the right skin colouring to start with.

If you have any ridges or other imperfections in your nails, forget it - this polish won't look even no matter what I do with it. Plus it also washes out my medium skin and I've seen it look much better on lasses whose skin is a different colour from mine.

O.P.I claims/product details:
  • OPI's nail polishes are renowned for being long-wearing, easy to apply, chip-resistant, non-streaky and fast drying
  • Available in a stunning spectrum of fashion-inspired shades
  • The nail polish of choice for nail professionals and celebrities seeking a long-lasting, high-shine manicure
  • The glass bottle is recyclable
  • DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free
  • Shelf-life after opening: 24 months
  • RRP $19.95AUD for 15ml

Above and below I've photographed it in slightly different lights (above is natural light and below is direct sunlight).

You can see that it changes a little, depending on the lighting: in natural light it looks quite nice but in sunlight it's almost yellow and just looks wrong on me.


I don't often do nail polish reviews, mainly because I don't own many of them and I'm not a huge nail polish fan - the reason being that polishes always chip fast on me (it might be all the typing I do) and I can't be bothered doing my nails very often. 

Also, because I have a young baby, there's rarely enough time for the polish to dry because I'm using my hands so much - so the whole process feels even harder than it once was and I just don't have the patience!

Anyhoo, on the polish: I reckon the formula is great. It's one of the few polishes I've used that doesn't chip straight away. I've had it on for three days now and only the ring finger and thumb on my right hand have chipped a little, but the other fingers are still going strong and that's rare for me by day three.

It's nice and smooth to apply and dries reasonably quickly. One issue I have with this particular colour (aside from the fact that it doesn't look great against my medium skin) is that it's very sheer, so you have to apply a lot to get the colour to show up. 

In the above photos I've applied three thick coats and you can still see the tips of my nails. For this reason I wouldn't buy any of the lighter colours in the range but would be more likely to try a darker one in the hope that it was more pigmented. 

Also, as mentioned above, this isn't a forgiving polish if your nails aren't good to start with. Every ridge and trough shows up and I can't get an even-looking finish, no matter what base products I try with it. So if your nails aren't great, I'd steer clear of this because it's difficult to pull off.

Plus this shade looks quite different depending on the light you're in, so it looks passable on me inside but outside it looks quite bad - yellowy and sheer and just wrong.

Those issues aside, the formula of this polish is good so if you can wear it, it's a decent product that lasts well on the nails.

Unfortunately this colour isn't for me but I'll happily pass it on to someone who will love it.

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