Garnier BodySummer Sun-kissed Look Nourishing Lotion - review


I bought this product because I needed a self-tanning lotion for summer and I wanted to try something new. 

I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love this lotion - even as a stand-alone moisturiser without the tan factor - because it feels so wonderful on the skin and hydrates better than many dedicated body creams I've tried.

Garnier claims/product details:
  • A daily body moisturiser specifically designed to gradually build a natural-looking tan while deeply hydrating skin for a beautiful sun-kissed summer glow
  • Enriched with nourishing apricot extract
  • With a creamy texture that’s immediately absorbed into the skin, leaving it intensely hydrated, soft, supple and with a delicate summer fruity fragrance
  • Tailor your gradual tan to your own natural skintone by choosing either the Fair to Medium shade, or Medium to Dark shade
  • No streaking
  • Dermatologically tested
  • RRP $7.95 AUD for 250ml


This is a gorgeous product and I love it so much that I've given it an HG tag. Woot woot!

It's a beautifully rich cream that smells like apricot kernel oil. It's not an overpowering scent but it's definitely there, so do test this first if you don't like scented products.

It spreads and absorbs well, so I've had no issues with uneven application or streakiness. It also feels insanely hydrating on my dry skin and it's a pleasure to use for this reason because my body always feels comfortable and nourished after using this product.

Best of all, the product gives me a natural, even-looking tan that never looks too strong or orange. Bear in mind though that I only use this once or twice a week to maintain my colour, so I'm not sure what your colour would look like if you used it every day.

I like a self-tanner that doesn't need to be used daily and I find that once or twice a week is enough to take my skin up a shade or two, and the colour doesn't vanish straight away so that's a plus.

I've had no issues with stained sheets or clothes when using this product, nor have I wound up with tanned hands or dark patches in the webs between my fingers - another plus because that's happened to me before and it doesn't look pretty!

On the claims: it does deliver a natural sun-kissed glow with no streaks; it is beautifully hydrating and leaves my skin looking and feeling nourished; the fragrance isn't too strong and it's a nice one; and the product is absorbed well, leaving my skin soft and supple.

All in all, this is a sensational tanning product and a great body cream. I love it. Huge ticks from me.

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