Project Pan 2015 update #13


I've just finished off what may well be my last dead product for the Project Pan year - my Maybelline Color Elixir in Vision in Violet - so it's time to do my final full PP update for 2015.

If I surprise myself and manage to finish any other products before the new year, I'll include those in my round-up post of Project Pan 2015. In that post I'll review the year and also count how many products I've managed to use up as part of this exercise.

Until then, here's my current PP list:
  • ModelCo Colourbox Eyeshadow in Tahiti 
  • Emite Make Up Precision Eye Pencil in Spir 
  • Bloom Eye Definer Pencil in Dark Brown
  • Dd'ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil 04 in Espresso
  • 'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Eyeshadow + Base 
  • 'Tini Beauty Pearl Fizz Eyeshadow
  • Benefit Cha Cha Tint 
  • Croquis Duo Concealer
  • Evelyn Iona Concealer in Flawless
  • Australis AC ON Tour kit
  • ModelCo BB+ Cream in Medium
  • Royal Nature The Soothing Blemish Balm
  • Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment
  • Pureplus+ Milk Bebe Lip Treatment
  • Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Nudist
  • Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder
  • OCC Lip Tar in Cha Cha (switched out)
  • Croquis Alight Pact (switched out)
  • Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark (switched out)
  • Maybelline Colour Elixir in Vision in Violet

There are my smaller powders. That Lipsi Aphrodite Powder is almost gone and I may finish it by year's end, given that I'm powdering my face more than usual while it's so hot.

The 'Tini Beauty Eyeshadow is in for the long haul since I'm using it in one of my 'how long does it take to finish...?' series of posts, and I expect it will be done by the end of next year.

Slowly slowly I'm expanding my dent in the ModelCo eyeshadow. That product will likely last another full year, and I plan to keep it on the list until it's done because I'm determined to finish it!

I'm surprised that Benefit Cha Cha Tint is still going because I've been using it religiously on my lips at least once a day, but it's still plodding along. Just goes to show that some products are better in travel size - imagine how long it would take to finish the full size!

The Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Nudist is a newer inclusion but there's a nice dent in it and I don't expect it to last forever, as some cream products can do.

My 'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial is still going strong, but it's getting there. For the photo, I attempted to wipe product away from the edge of the tube so you can see how much is left: around a third or a quarter I reckon. It should be done by halfway through 2016.

Now for the pencils. The Dd'ell and Bloom products are taking ages to finish, but I don't mind that because I don't have replacements for them.

I can't believe that Emite Cream Pencil is still going - I thought it would be done and dusted by now. I'm also using this product as a test item in one of my 'how long does it take to finish...?' series of posts, so hopefully I'll have an answer on that within the next couple of months.

Ah, my dreaded Australis Contour Kit. Thankfully I've hit pan on two of the highlight shades, so the damn thing shouldn't last me too much longer. 

I reckon the three lighter shades will be gone by March, and then I'll turf the kit. Unless any of the darker colours would work on my brows... I'll check that before throwing it out.

There are my concealers. I like both of these but I'm looking forward to finishing them because I have two other concealers sitting around (plus a back up for the Evelyn Iona product) and I can't wait to try something new.

I suspect the Evelyn Iona tub will be the first to go, but it will last a good while longer because you only need a little each time and I don't use a lot of concealer as it is.

I'm finally getting somewhere with these two! The ModelCo BB+ Cream is on its last legs and I can hardly squeeze any out of the tube. Huzzah!

There's still quite a bit of life left in the Royal Nature Blemish Balm, but I expect both to be done within the next couple of months because I'm using them daily to top up my sun protection after lunch (I mix them in equal parts with some sunscreen so the colour is right and the coverage is super sheer).

I haven't pictured my Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment or my Pureplus+ Lip Treatment because you can't tell how much is left, but both are getting used often so they should be finished soon enough.

Above are the products I'm removing from my list.

That OCC Lip Tar barely has a dent in it, even though I've been using it daily for most of the year. I decided to take it off the list and make way for other lip products (see below), since I can say that I've got my money's worth from it now and it's time to give something else a good run.

I absolutely love that Croquis Alight Pact and Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark, so I've decided to remove them from the list too since I'm in no rush to finish them and they're powders so they shouldn't go bad too quickly.

Above are the three products I'm adding. 

Yes they're three lip products but I've finished a few of those off recently so I don't mind adding more to the list because chances are I'll get through at least one of them soon enough.

SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipsticks in Ranunculus and Beluga

I've reviewed these here. I don't mind the formula of these products but both colours are unfortunately too pale for me and a lot more chalky-looking that I was expecting.

They've been sitting around for about a year now and I never reach for them, so I wanted to include them here and at least be able to say that they've had a good run.

There's no way I'll finish them any time soon (or perhaps ever!), so what I'll do is use them for a few months and then either pass them on or throw them out.

Shangai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Amy Baby Pink

I've reviewed this here. I love Shanghai Suzy lipsticks but this particular shade is too cool and pale for me, so it tends to look chalky and also washes me out. 

Having said this, it's a good mixer colour so I've been using it to tone down brighter colours like orange (makes a nice coral) or purple (makes a nice lavender) and I've happily made a dent in it already. I tend to get through lip products reasonably quickly so I reckon this will be gone by March next year.

In sum

It's been a pretty good year for finishing things off and next year may well be even better since I've made some good progress in some of my older powders throughout the year.

I'll check back in before year's end with a tally of all the products I've finished for Project Pan 2015 - looking forward to seeing how many I've knocked off : )

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