Sportsgirl Pout About It! Lip Colour in Onyx - review and swatches


This is the last one of my Sportsgirl lipsticks that I have left to review. 

I'd been searching high and low for a true, black-based dark purple lipstick - I didn't want a shred of burgundy, berry or wine in sight - and it had been harder to find one than you might think. They just didn't exist and I didn't want to walk into MAC and drop a bundle of cash on a product that wasn't exactly what I was looking for, particularly because it's not the kind of shade that's going to get daily use.

Eventually I wandered into Sportsgirl and happily the seasonal collection didn't disappoint. I got exactly the colour I wanted for a measly $9.95, so if it doesn't get worn that much it's no big loss.

Yay Sportsgirl! Given my love of Sportsgirl lipsticks, I probably should have tried there first ; )

I reckon Sportsgirl lipsticks are seriously underrated - they perform amazingly well for the price and come in both permanent and seasonal shades, so you're bound to find something that suits you in the range.

I have five of them in my collection and this one in Onyx is one of the cream versions. They do come in matte formulas too and I prefer the mattes over the creams because I think they perform better overall, but with this particular colour I can see why they picked cream: mattes are generally less forgiving and this is already an unforgiving shade.

Sportsgirl claims/product details:
  • Vibrant lipstick colour that moisturises and protects
  • Cream finish
  • 'Onyx' is described as 'charcoal' (I would call it a true dark purple)
  • Not tested on animals
  • RRP $9.95 AUD for 4g

Above I've done a light and heavy swatch and photographed the product in natural light.

Below is the same shot, taken in direct sunlight. You can see how dark and purple it is (not a shred of 'charcoal' in sight - although perhaps 'charcoal' refers to the black base), and it can be worn both heavily and softly depending on the look you're after.

My bare lips for reference:

 Wearing a light coating, photo taken in direct sunlight:

In the shade:

And in natural light:

Wearing the product heavily in direct sunlight:

In the shade:

And in natural light:


This is a great colour and I'm so glad I found it. It's not a shade that gets worn all the time (particularly in the warmer months) but I always like wearing it when I do, and it's one of my husband's favourites.

'Onyx' is a true, cool-toned/black-based dark purple, so if you've been looking for a shade like that and have constantly been disappointed because everything that's apparently dark purple is in fact berry, then look no further.

As you'll know if you read this blog, Sporsgirl lipsticks are some of my top picks for budget buys in the lip department. The formula is great and the mattes in particular far outperform many higher-end products. The cream ones are nice too, it's just that they don't last as well on the lips and they don't stand-out to me as much as the matte ones do in terms of quality.

A shade this dark is of course not an easy one to pull off and you'll need to make sure your lips are buffed and hydrated prior to using it - otherwise it will cling to dry patches and won't look as even as it might.

Despite the unforgiving colour, I can get a good application with this and it wears and fades evenly throughout the day. You do need to reapply the cream versions but this particular shade lasts a long time for a cream lipstick and it also leaves a nice stain behind so it doesn't look weird and patchy when it starts to wear off.

Sportsgirl lipsticks don't have a strong scent, so you should be ok with them if you don't like fragranced products. I also like that they're cruelty free.

The best thing about these products is that they're cheap and great quality. They last well and don't feather or bleed throughout the day. I do prefer the matte versions overall but I'm glad this particular shade comes in the cream formula because I think it needs to, considering how full-on the colour is.

In sum, I really love these products and can't recommend them enough. If you want to buy a few seasonal shades but don't want to pay a lot for them, I urge you to head into Sportsgirl and check out the range.


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