Project Pan 2015 mini update #12


It's getting so close to the end of the year that I thought I'd sneak in one more mini Project Pan update before doing a full one later in the month, and I'll do some kind of Project Pan 2015 round-up post before the year ticks over.

So this is just a very short post to say that I've finished another product from my PP list: the above Mecca Cosmetica lip gloss.

It wasn't a bad product but I got sick of it towards the end since I have better glosses on hand that last longer on the lips, so I wound up finishing it by using it on my super dry feet over the last couple of weeks.

I often use old glosses as foot products and find that most of them work really well for that purpose, so it's a good way to get some use from those last bits of your glosses when you're bored of them.

After a bit of thought I decided that I won't replace it and add any other products to my PP 2015 list, since I already have around twenty items to keep track of and that's more than enough!

What I'll do in my upcoming full Project Pan update is change up and reduce my list a little, just so I can come into Project Pan 2016 (yes, I've decided to do it) with a smaller and cleaner list.

'Till then!

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