Ulta3 Cream Blush Stick in Beach Bronze - swatches


I received this blush stick in a recent Lust Have It box, and while initially I was pleased to see that I got the colour 'beach bronze' and not some bright pink or red, once I opened this my hopes were quickly dashed because it's all noticeable glitter and not much else. Foo!

I'm not sure why so many companies think that's what consumers want. In my experience, people generally like high sparkle eyeshadows but prefer things more muted when it comes to the rest of the face. And a high-sparkle bronzer? Just not for me, but of course it's all personal preference and different things look good on different people.

Anyhoo. Since I'm passing this on to a better home, I won't be reviewing the product because I haven't used it - but I will give you some swatches so you can see what it looks like at least. Hopefully the pics are useful to someone : )

The shot above is taken in natural light and the one below in direct sunlight. You can see that the colour changes in different lights: sometimes it looks more orange and sometimes more brown.

There's a close-up of the product (you can see the glitter here):

There's a heavy swatch and a lighter one in direct sunlight:

In the shade:

And in natural light:

My apologies that this isn't a review but hopefully the swatches are helpful if eg you received this from LHI and aren't sure whether to open it or not, or if you've got your eye on this but want to know what it looks like before purchasing.

Ulta3 is one of those budget brands that produces quite good products, and this one might be good when it comes to wear-time and how it blends etc, it's just that I won't wear it because it's too sparkly. The glitter is finely milled but you can definitely see it, and there seems to be more glitter than colour because the shade itself is very sheer and it took a lot of swipes to get the product to show up in the above photos.

I wouldn't mind a cream bronzer like this to add to my collection - let me know if you've found any good ones, particularly if they're not too expensive.

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