Project Pan 2015 mini update #13


As you may know I did a full Project Pan update last week and I wasn't expecting to finish any products between now and then, but I have so I thought I'd do a quick mini update before the end of the year.

I finally finished my Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment, which I'm pleased about because it's been open for around 18 months and I was more than ready to try something new. I don't mind this product but I've used better, so it's nice to have a space open in my collection and I'll hopefully replace this treatment with something that works more for me.

I managed to finish the product after I started slathering it on my hair before taking my daughter swimming in a chlorinated pool (I needed something to protect it since chlorine is so drying) and this did a pretty good job of that. 

Also, for the last couple of uses I tried it instead of my conditioner - so I used it more like a hair mask and left it on for a while before washing it off - and it fared so well for that purpose that I wish I'd started using it that way ages ago!

Anyhoo. After much ummming and ahhhing, here's what I'm replacing it with:

I've picked a powder highlighter from Lust Have It and a blush from The Cosmetic Kitchen, which are odd choices in a way because I won't be finishing them any time soon, but I'm keen to make a dent in at least one of my blushes and highlighters in 2016 so I've chosen two products that I can cart around in my handbag for touch-ups without being worried that they'll get knocked around.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Pressed Mineral Blush in Raw Cacao

Full review here. We received this product from Lust Have It ages ago and while I like the formula and how it wears, it's too pale for me so it doesn't show up well unless I pack it on - which of course means it winds up looking powdery.

I've discovered however that it's great for touch-ups during the day because when layered over a more pigmented blush that's fading a bit, it adds just enough colour to breathe life back into whatever I've got on underneath without making me look overdone - and it's a great neutral colour to have in my handbag because it goes with any look.

I expect this to be on my PP 2016 list for the whole year and then some, if I can handle using it for that long ; ).

Lust Have It Sunset Strobe Natural Highlighter

I haven't reviewed this product yet, which is one of the reasons I've decided to move it into rotation - this way I'll be sure to use it so I can review it : )

It's not a bad highlighter but I've got better ones to reach for, which is why I haven't used it enough yet to post about it.

This product is also a good one to cart around in my handbag for touch-ups because I don't mind if it meets its end in transit, particularly because I wound up with a second one as part of a prize for getting a placing in the recent beauty flatlay competition.

I won't be finishing it any time soon, but if I can make a dent in it in 2016, I'll be happy.

In sum

I'll be interested to see how long I can stand using these products every day - I may get sick of them pretty quickly - but at least I'll be able to say I've had a good lot of use from them as the coming year moves forward.

Products like these should last a couple of years of daily use, since you use so little each time and there's heaps of product to get through in each pan.

I'll check back in soon with my PP round-up post for the 2015 year : )

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