Reed Coconut, Lime & Mint Body Scrub - review


We received an orange and poppyseed scrub from this brand in a recent Lust Have It, and I liked it so much that I decided to use the discount code we were given to buy a few Christmas presents from the online shop.

Since I was already paying postage for the presents, I thought I may as well slip in another scrub or two for myself ; ). I thought this one in coconut, lime and mint sounded amazing so it's one of the ones I chose.

While I do like it, I prefer the orange and poppyseed version - so it's lucky I bought a back-up one of those too!

Reed claims/product details:
  • Our scrubs are all natural so you can rest assured you are not slathering your body in harsh chemicals
  • Contains no nasty synthetic micro-beads that pollute our precious waterways
  • Full of coconut oil, which is high is saturated fats - keeping your skin smooth and moisturised
  • Contains lime essential oil, which provides many benefits to your skin: eg it's an antiseptic and also provides stress, exhaustion and anxiety relief
  • Peppermint essential oil softens and calms dry and irritated skin
  • RRP $4.75 for 70g or $6.50 for 150g


I do like this body scrub but I prefer the orange and poppyseed version (I've reviewed that here): I love the smell of the latter more and I also think it's a better scrub overall.

This one smells nice, but the lime overtakes it so I can't smell the coconut or mint. That's fine if you like mint - which I do - but I was expecting a more complex scent.

I also think the orange and poppyseed version is a better scrub because it doesn't dissolve quite as quickly so it offers more on the exfoliation front, plus it's easier to use because you don't have to work as fast to get the job done before the scrub melts.

As you may know, I'm not sold on dry body scrubs as a whole (although they seem to be all the rage these days): they're quite messy to use and I find that you lose a lot in the shower because product gets washed off and dribbles out between your wet fingers whenever you use it. It would probably be better to turn the water off while using this (or you could save it for use in the bath) to prevent this issue, unless you're more coordinated than me and don't have this problem.

Also, dry scrubs can be harsh on the skin so I prefer using them wet so they're not as rough. This one isn't too harsh, however - I reckon it's less harsh than the other version - so you mightn't mind this if you don't like rough scrubs because once it's mixed with water it doesn't feel too full on.

This product does a good job of exfoliation and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. There's also something moisturising about it (I guess that's the essential oils) so it never leaves my skin feeling stripped.

What's best about it is that it's so cheap and you don't need to use a lot each time, so I think it's good value for money. Plus I do like the idea of supporting a small business as opposed to a large company, and the lass I emailed about my order was lovely so I'd be happy to order from her again.

All in all, this is a decent scrub and I like it. While I wouldn't order this particular scent again, I'll definitely consider trying other products from the range.

Ticks from me.

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