Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Submissive - review and swatches


I bought two of these eye bases from the Violet Box shop before VB closed operations. I did a lot of research before I bought them and read so many glowing reviews that I thought I couldn't go wrong.

Not so.

I've no idea why, but neither this one in Submissive or the other one I own in Nudist (reviewed here) make good eye bases at all - they never set (even with powder applied over the top) and they transfer in a heartbeat onto my hooded upper eye area. Maybe these only work for those without puffy eyes, or maybe I received a couple from a dodgy batch.

Who knows. What I do know is that I'm now stuck with two products that don't work as eye bases, so I'll have to find some other way to use them up.

In my experience, Be a Bombshell makes some fantastic and reasonably priced products - I love the blushes in particular - but its eye products have never worked for me. I haven't liked the three eyeshadows I've received from these guys in sub boxes, and these eye bases are even worse. They come in beautiful colours, but that's where the good stuff ends.

Be a Bombshell claims/product details:
  • Highly pigmented and long-lasting
  • Can be used as a single cream colour or as an eye base to build colour
  • 'Submissive' is described as 'intense creamy bronze with gold shimmer'
  • To use: apply lightly with fingertip to create a natural finish; layer for added colour
  • RRP $14 USD for 2.5g

There's the colour below:

Swatched in directly sunlight, a heavier stripe on the left and blended out on the right (note that it does contain noticeable glitter chunks):

Same shot, taken in natural light:

I then left it to dry in the sun for about twenty minutes before giving it a soft wipe with my finger. It doesn't set!

On the left (below) I've applied three matte shadows without the product underneath, and on the right I've used the product beneath them. You can see it coming through (so it makes them all look glittery, which isn't what I want), and I've given it a wipe across the bottom. What a mess! Again, it doesn't set - even with powder applied over the top.

Same shot, taken in the shade (it does intensify the powders slightly, but it alters the way they look - again, not what I want):

Wearing it alone along the lashline, natural light:

And again below, shot taken in indirect sunlight. You can see it hasn't applied evenly and it's shifted straight after application - there's a bare patch towards the inner corner - plus it has transferred to my upper eye area (you can see that on the outer edge especially):

Applied over powder, it does adhere better but it still transfers (have a look at the inner part of the eye on the right). Within half an hour, my eyeshadow was a complete mess and I needed to remove it.


This is such a bad product that it's left me scratching my head: how is it that so many people rave about these and it's a terrible product on me? Am I using it the wrong way? Did I get a couple from a bad batch or were they really old when I received them? Or is it just that these only work if you're younger (and less lined) than me and don't have hooded eyes? I'm confused!

I've tried it in so many ways - applying less and more of it, applying it with and without a primer first, applying it both under and on top of powder to help it set and/or adhere better - and nothing's worked. However I use it, it never sets and it transfers so quickly, plus it creases and doesn't last.

Indeed, all the issues I have with it are the very things people say are amazing about it - on others this product seems to last all day without creasing and stays put on the eye. How?!

While it does fare a little better if I use a primer underneath it, it still transfers and creases (and never sets), so I can't even use it that way. In any event, I'd expect something that's called an 'eye base' to be just that, so it shouldn't need a primer anyway.

I bought both Submissive and Nudist because I thought they would be good highlight colours for my lashline and inner corner, and that they wouldn't transfer because they're creams. They are good colours but they transfer worse than any other eye product I've ever used.

In terms of claims, this product doesn't meet any of them in my opinion because it's not a good base, it's not long-lasting and it creases and shifts so I end up with it all over my eyes and it never stays where I want it to. It also makes a mess of any powders I use with it, so it's just not workable on my eyes.

Also, I should say that I'm not sold on the texture of this product either - it's quite odd and mousse-like (almost like it's been whipped) so it comes out of the tub unevenly and also makes for a patchy application. Nothing about this product is good.

I've put Nudist on my Project Pan list and I've been using it on my shoulders and collarbones over summer, but I think this colour may be a little dark for that - we'll see. Maybe once I've finished Nudist I'll use Submissive for the same thing.

What a waste!

Not a fan. I've given this a 'disappointing products' tag because I was expecting so much more from this, given the rave reviews I read prior to purchase.

Sad face : (

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