Spending ban update


Well it's been around two months since I put myself on another beauty spending ban (plus the low-buy I started at the beginning of the year) and it's just about time to lift it.

We're going away next Sunday for a week, and I've seen that prices for 'drugstore'/pharmacy products in Indonesia are much lower than they are in Australia - plus brands like NYX are readily available there so I can't wait to get my hands on a few items I've had my eye on that are harder to come by here. 

So I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot and miss out on beauty bargains while we're away! Plus I could do with a few makeup brushes and other tools, so those are on the list too.

In other news I did make an iHerb order for two eye creams last week (for the grand total of $40 AUD, including shipping), because I've almost finished the two eye creams I have and I had around $6.50 credit from iHerb that I needed to use before the credit expired. So that was a timely purchase and one that was 'allowed' under my spending ban rules since eye creams are essentials for me and I can't do without them.

That's it! I'll probably go on a low buy again after we get back because I'm running out of skincare and I've got so many makeup items on my wishlist that I might have to buy a few throughout the year for the sake of my sanity ; )

Let me know if you're on a beauty no buy or low buy, and how you're finding it if so.

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