Project Pan 2016: mini update #6


It's been an eventful start to the Project Pan month and two things have happened this week: one, I have an escapee and I can't for the life of me find it; and two, I've finally finished one of my powder products.

First things first, the above Pureplus Milk Bebe Lip Treatment has gone missing. Ooops! It might be floating around at home somewhere or it may be lost to the lip balm gods - maybe I dropped it in the dog park or something. Since I can't find it, I've decided to replace it with something else for now. At least I can say that I was more than halfway through the tube so I got some good use from it, even if it's gone forever.

Second, look what I've finished (woot woot!):

Yep, I've finally used up my ModelCo eyeshadow. This has been on my PP list since the beginning of last year, and to start with I was using it on my lashline, then I used it as a brow product, and then I decided to use it as a dry shampoo because it's so dark that it took some sheering out on my brows and I wanted to use something else. I might keep the compact as a mixing tray for now, so I'll wash it and add it to my tools drawer.

It was easy to pick replacements for these two items because I was already using them both frequently (they're in my handbag and have been for a while), so I was planning to move them onto my list as soon as I knocked off a couple of products:

Becca Sheer Tint Lip Colour in Laelia

I've reviewed this here. It's one of my favourite lip formulas (and colours) of all time so I've been happy to use this throughout summer since it goes with any look and is super hydrating. 

I'm more than happy to use it up - rather than hoard it - because I picked it up for $6 from strawberrynet and it's a discontinued product so lord knows how old it was when I received it. It was still in good shape when I got it, but I've seen some reviewers say that these turn faster than normal lip products (and the shelf-life is marked as six months) so I'd rather just love it and finish it, rather than risking it going off.

I've used two thirds of the product and it was only 3g in size to start with, so I can see this being finished within a month or so.

Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette

This is the oldest lipstick I own so I recently moved it into my handbag and started using it more often. It looked perfect when I moved it into rotation but you can see that it hasn't reacted well to being carted around and subjected to heat (as anything in your handbag usually is). It still smells and feels the same so I'm happy to use it, but you can see from the look of it that it's getting to the stage where I need to use it up.

I love this product (I've reviewed it here) and I'm happy to use it frequently. It's a beautiful nude colour that can be worn alone or brightened slightly with another product if you're not in the mood for nude lips. The formula of these lipsticks is amazing and it's a product I've been really happy to own. I reckon it'll be done by the end of April.

In sum

That's it! I'm thrilled I finished the ModelCo eyeshadow and not thrilled that I can't find the Pureplus+ product, but at least I've been able to replace it with a couple of products I love.

Are you doing Project Pan this year? Let me know how you're going if so : )

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