Lust Have It Women's Box March 2016 - unboxing and first impressions


Hooray hooray, my LHI box showed up yesterday! I always try to get my unboxings up on the day the packages arrive, but unfortunately this one showed up quite late in the day so it wasn't possible.

I must say, I'm not yet sure how I feel about this box and I'll be interested to see what others think of it. It's not a bad box but it's also not Lust Have It's best offering to date. Mind you, I've only heard of one of the brands included before so that's a huge plus because I love receiving things from unknown companies: you never know when you'll find new favourites : )

There's what we received above. The good news is that there's a mix of different products (so it's not too heavy on makeup or skincare) and the two coloured items I received are ones I'll actually wear - a rare thing, in my experience! Plus most items are full-size, so it's good-value in that sense.

Let's have a quick look at each product in turn.

Ruby Eyeshadow Brush Flat (RRP $22.40 AUD; received full size)

You could have received one of four brushes, and I'm happy with the one I got because it's different from the other flat eyeshadow brushes I own - this one's quite soft and not as dense as your standard flat brush, so it may well be good for a few different purposes (and not just packing colour on the eyelid).

Apparently this one is made from 100% natural hair and is designed to apply eyeshadow with precision. I'll be interested to see what I can use it for, since I have nothing else like it. Looking forward to having a play.

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash (RRP $14.95 AUD for 300ml; received 50ml sample)

This is apparently great for normal and sensitive skin, and is adjusted to pH 5.5 - the pH value of healthy skin. It contains a sophisticated complex of vitamins, allantoin and pentavitin to protect the skin from dehydration, and includes a blend of moisturisers to ensure no irritation to the skin.

I've never heard of this brand and it doesn't look like a fancy product, but I won't judge a book by its cover and I'll wait to see how it fares. If I don't like it as a facial cleanser, at least it doubles as a body wash.

Glazel Visage Single Matte Eyeshadow (RRP $15 AUD for 3g; received full size)

According to the card, these are silk-textured, highly pigmented colours. I'm really pleased that I received this neutral brown colour in 'S2', and extra glad that it's matte! I can't remember the last time I received a matte eyeshadow in a wearable colour from a sub box, so I'm super pleased about that. Hopefully it applies and wears well. The pan is also big enough that you could use this kind of colour as a contour shade for the face, so it could be a great multi-purpose product for travel.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Anti Ageing Whole Body Balm (RRP $20 AUD for 4.25g; received full size)

This is apparently a perfectly balanced, certified organic formula that uses the very best, all-natural ingredients. Premium rich, organic Argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and vitamin e are known to have anti-ageing properties and are proven to deeply condition, nourish and hydrate skin and hair. 

My first thought when I saw this was 'gosh it's small', but the instructions on the package say you can use it for chapped skin on cheeks, hands and lips, and you can also use it before bed to remove makeup smudges and nourish the lashes - so looks like you only need a little bit each time. This sounds like something I'll definitely need as the cold weather sets in, and I can't wait to try it.

Be a Bombshell Mechanical Eyeliner (RRP $20 AUD for 0.25g; received full size)

According to the card, this is a twist-up mechanical liner that comes in bold shades for a pop of colour. It's easy to apply, long-lasting and water-resistant.

I received the shade 'Bling Bling' and it looks like a beautiful gold - very happy! I'm hoping I can use this along the lashline and in the inner corners, without the risk of it transferring to my hooded upper eye area (which is a problem I find with most shadows - cream or powder). Fingers crossed!

In sum

I'm happy with this box. It mightn't be the best box I've received, but the huge plus for me is that I'll use everything and I wound up with colours I'll actually use! The RRP value of the contents is around $80 AUD, so it's not a bad value box overall.

Did you receive this box? Let me know what you think of it if so : )

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