Marie Claire The Parcel Autumn 2016 Edit - unboxing and first impressions


Look what just showed up - huzzah! I've been hanging out for this even more than usual because I'm on a spending ban, so these boxes help scratch the beauty itch.

I reckon The Parcel has become better and better over time, and I'm really happy with this one. It mightn't be the best box I've ever received, but it's definitely up there.

Check out our goodies! The box is perhaps not as jam-packed as previous ones but most of the products are full size and it's excellent value as always so no complaints there.

Let's have a quick look at each item in turn.

MOR Emporium Classics Triple-milled Soap in Blood Orange (RRP $19.95 AUD for 180g)

According to the card, MOR products are known for their luxurious formulations and add an elegant touch to any bathroom. This nourishing soap is scented with blood orange and blended with jasmine, rose and lily of the valley, for a soft floral scent that lingers well after use.

Now I'm not a soap person (I'm all about the body gel and hand wash), but something this nice will definitely be enjoyed in our bathroom. Can't wait to try it.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (RRP $6.95 AUD for 125ml)

Where would a sub box be these days without a micellar product ; ). I won't rehash what micellar waters do because I suspect that most people have used one - or at least know about them - but I will say that this Garnier version is apparently fragrance-free, calming and suitable for sensitive skin.

I've heard good things about this product so I'm pleased I have the chance to try it.

Crop Natural Pure Macadamia Oil (RRP $18 AUD for 50ml)

I'm happy to see this because I've never heard of Crop before and one thing I haven't liked about The Parcel in the past is that it always contains products from brands that most people know. Hopefully that's changing because I do like discovering new brands and it's one of the reasons I subscribe to beauty boxes.

This is apparently a nutrient-rich, 100% natural oil that's multi-purpose. You can use it as a cleanser, an anti-ageing face and body treatment, or as a hydration-booster for hair and nails.

I love oils - especially ones that serve various functions - so I'm really pleased about this inclusion.

Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipstick in 117 (RRP $40 AUD for 3.5g)

Another brand I hadn't heard of before seeing the sneak peek - yay The Parcel! You could have received this one in 117 ('a true orange red'), 107 ('a soft semi sheer pearlescent neutral mauve') or Singular Red (a 'bold and vibrant red').

I really REALLY wish I'd received the mauve because I'm so sick of receiving bright coloured lipsticks in sub boxes that I rarely wear and often give away. At least this orange-based red was my second choice, but I still can't see myself wearing it much. Hopefully it's not as bright as it looks?!

Still, I'm happy to try something from this brand and the packaging is gorgeous. According to the card, these lipsticks are rich, firming, volumising and pigmented. They're also designed to feel weightless, creamy and silky on the lips. We'll see!

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore (RRP $19.95 AUD for 15ml)

Now here's a colour I can live with ; ). I'm not a huge pink fan but this looks like a nice, subdued pearlescent shade that's office-appropriate and one I can imagine myself wearing. Let's hope the colour looks the same when applied.

O.P.I polishes are apparently chip-resistant and long-wearing. I've had pretty good luck with them in the past so I'm looking forward to seeing how it wears.

I'm not even going to comment on the name of this polish (!). At least it's inventive hehe.

Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum (RRP $140 AUD for 30ml; received 4ml sample)

I love serums so I'm super excited to try this one. According to the card, this is an award-winning serum that uses breakthrough shaping technology combined with pro-collagen complex. It's meant to smooth and plump the skin with proven results in two weeks. Let's hope this little sample lasts long enough to see if it works!

In sum

I'm really happy with this box. The RRP value of the contents is around $128 AUD, so it's totally worth the outlay - particularly if you're going to use everything.

Unlike most sub boxes, there's nothing in here that I'm not excited to try: amazing since there's usually at least one hoh-hum product that doesn't tickle your fancy. Woot woot!

Did you receive this box? Let me know what you think if so : )

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