Mecca Hands On Transforming Hand Cream - review


I received this hand cream as my Mecca Beauty Loop Birthday gift last year and over the past month I've finally gotten around to opening and testing it.

I didn't have many back-up hand creams when I got this (only one other tube from memory), but since then I've somehow wound up with five or six spares via sub boxes and presents so it's time to knock a few off!

I do like this one but it's not my favourite, so I've decided to use it as a foot cream instead since I don't have anything for my feet at the moment and this product does nicely for that purpose.

The packaging is nice and the double-boxing makes the hand cream feel a touch more special. 

I like the plain white tube with black writing and it's a product I'm happy to display because it looks fancy in a clean, crisp way that isn't too much.

Mecca claims/product details:
  • A luxuriously rich, rejuvenating hand cream
  • Leaves hands feeling soft, smooth and subtly scented with our own signature fragrance blend
  • Infused with our skin-nourishing Mecca Elixir Luxury Oil, this cream formula is rich but never greasy
  • Subtly scented with a beautifully feminine fragrance blend of hyacinth, crisp green apple and vanilla
  • Leaves hands looking and feeling absolutely beautiful
  • RRP $40 AUD for 100ml

The tube is designed with a flip-top arrangement that's handy and easy to use, although it does mean that you're often left with a little product that squirts out the edge when you close it. No big deal but worth mentioning all the same.

There's what the cream looks like:


This is a great product and while it's not my favourite hand cream, it's definitely something I'm enjoying.

It has a fresh, slightly floral and creamy scent that's not overpowering so it shouldn't bother most people who don't like fragranced products.

It's nicely hydrating without being too heavy, and it leaves your hands feeling silky and smooth. There is a slight residue left behind but it's not too slick or greasy, and it does absorb well and deliver moisture where you need it most.

My hands always feel soft and nourished after using the product, and the only reason it hasn't become one of my favourites is that my hands are so dry these days that they tend to need something stronger. If that changes, this is the kind of hand cream I'd be looking for because it's hydrating without being too much.

As mentioned above, I've been using it on my feet because I have so many hand creams as it is, and it works beautifully for that purpose. I slap a good amount on after my shower, put on some socks and go to bed, then wake up with beautifully soft and hydrated feet.

Love this one. Yes I think it meets its claims. It is on the pricey side so I probably wouldn't buy it, but it's definitely a great product and one worth testing if you're in the market for a decent hand cream.

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