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We received this hand cream in our most recent edits of Marie Claire's Ageless Parcel (reviewed here).

I wasn't super thrilled to see it because I have so many hand creams that I don't quite know what to do with them, although the good news is that I've been able to use the lesser ones as body creams since I don't have a lot in the body cream department these days.

This is indeed one of the 'lesser' ones, and it didn't take many uses for me to send it to the body cream section. I've used it both on my hands and body for this review, and I must say that I don't like it for either purpose.

Problem is, it's not hydrating enough for me and it just doesn't want to rub in! I can't remember the last time I've had this much trouble getting something to absorb, which surprises me because this isn't the cheapest hand cream on the market and I expected something better, given the price.

Elucent claims/product details:
  • Created specifically for hands
  • A nourishing, fragrance-free treatment that contains the skin-brightening fruit extract phyllanthus emblica
  • Also contains vitamin c to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, vitamin e for moisture and vitamin b3 to even skintone
  • Instantly delivers the moisture hands need while helping protect, nourish and brighten the hands
  • To use: gently massage in throughout the day; work from fingertips to wrists, including the nails and cuticles, paying special attention to the back of hands
  • RRP $24.99 AUD for 50g

 There's what it looks like below - just a standard white cream that's on the thicker side:


I'm not a big fan of this stuff, but I don't mind that because I have far too much hand cream and not enough body cream, so it's nice to have something I'm not planning to use on my hands!

It's quite a thick cream and it has a faint scent that reminds me of a product I've used in the past to bleach my teeth. The smell is a little off-putting, I must say, and it makes me wonder what's in there that gives the cream its claimed 'whitening' effect, and whether I should be using something like this on my skin.

Unfortunately the smell does linger and my hands still smell of bleach, even though I applied the cream fifteen minutes ago. I definitely won't be using this on my hands again after this review, since I don't like the scent and the cream doesn't do much for my hands in terms of moisture anyway.

As mentioned above, this product takes a bit of work to rub in. This may be in part due to its thickness, although I've used thick creams before that don't present any issues when it comes to sinking in. It does absorb better on the hands: when used on the body, I'm left with white streaks everywhere that just don't want to rub in. It's annoying! But it is a dedicated hand cream, so I suppose I can't complain too much if it doesn't work as well when used elsewhere.

In terms of performance, I don't find it very nourishing or hydrating, and it also leaves a residue behind that somehow feels a bit film-y and powdery at the same time. Weird! That residue does stay there for ages, which supports my feeling that the cream isn't absorbing properly - no matter where you use it.

As for the claims: it's not fragrance-free, and it doesn't feel moisturising, nourishing or protective either. It may well have a skin-brightening effect, but I can't comment on this aspect because I'm not going to be using it on my hands long enough to see whether this claim is true. I plan to use it on my legs until it's gone - that way I hopefully won't be able to smell it and it won't last too long since I'll be using it on a large area.

In sum, I don't like this product and can't recommend it. Let me know if you've tried anything from Elucent and what you think if so.

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