Palmolive Naturals Sea Minerals with Moisture Beads Shower Gel - review


I must have gone for at least two years without buying any shower gel - closer to three, in fact, since Glossybox Deutsch also contained a gel or two - so it's felt almost odd this year when I've had to go shopping for it again!

That's the thing with subscription boxes, I suppose - you often wind up with lots of one particular item and none of another - although in this case I think what also happened is that I received quite a few facial cleansers that I didn't like from Memebox, so those got sent to the body wash section and I've been busily getting through my stores.

Anyhoo. I've bought three shower gels on special this year and, after recently finishing one, I opened the other two and this is the one I wanted to review today. I've used it before and remember quite liking it, although I must say that I prefer the other two. More on that below.

Palmolive claims/product details:
  • Contains mild ingredients to leave your skin clean and feeling hydrated
  • Enriched with sea minerals and moisture beads that burst, releasing moisturisers
  • Refreshing formula contains mild cleansers that care for your skin in one easy step
  • For a softer, refreshed feel 
  • 100% soap free
  • pH balanced to suit your skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • RRP $.499 AUD for 500ml or $8.99 for 1L, but do shop around


There's nothing hugely wrong with this product, it's just that I'm not liking it as much as other shower gels I've tried recently. One of those is a Luxe body wash (review forthcoming) and the other is a Radox product (reviewed here).

I like the blue colour because there's something clean and refreshing about it, and it smells like the ocean in a masculine kind of way. I don't mind the scent but I don't love it either, and I'm glad I've got another gel on the go to alternate with the product because I reckon I'll get over the scent pretty quickly.

It lathers up reasonably well - although not as much as the Luxe and Radox products - and it's fine as a cleanser. What it doesn't do well is hydrate, despite its claims. I've seen a lot of reviewers comment on this aspect, so don't buy this if you're after something hydrating because the product doesn't moisturise at all and, if anything, my skin can feel a little dry after use.

Also, I'm not sure what the moisture beads are meant to do because as far as I can tell, they don't do anything. So I suppose my issue with this product is that it feels a little gimmicky since the moisture beads appear to be there for show and don't offer hydration, as one assumes they're meant to do.

As for the claims, yes this cleans and I suppose it's refreshing, but since it doesn't hydrate - and 'hydrating' is written right there on the bottle - the product doesn't meet those in my books. It really annoys me when products don't do what they say they will, and for this reason I don't recommend this gel and I wouldn't buy it again.

Ok but not for me.

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