April 2016 empties #2


Another month comes to a close and I've got another bundle of empties to send to the recycling bin. Woot woot!

I've finished off a good amount of full-sized products in April, and I'm happiest to see the end of the three Bodyography items. I love them all, but I've had them for ages now and they seemed to last forever, so I'm glad I can put them aside and play with something else for a while.

So without further ado, here's what I've finished this month:

Bodyography Natural Finish Foundations in 160 and 165

I've talked about these enough via Project Pan so I won't go on about them too much here, other than to say that these are so far the best foundations I've ever used. 

I prefer a lighter base so I tend to stick to tinted moisturisers and BB/CC creams, but these look so natural on the skin that you can believe you're not wearing anything. I've reviewed them here. Repurchase? Yes.

Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer in Tahitian Glow

Full review here. This is a great primer that smooths the skin and creates a good base for makeup, plus it gives you a natural glow that's extra nice in the warmer months. 

My only issue with the product is that it's quite silicone-y and I've recently realised that I prefer silicone-free primers that offer hydration more than anything else (maybe because my skin is dry), so I probably wouldn't buy it again. I do recommend it though if you're fine with silicone products and need something that performs. Repurchase? No.

Argo Naturals Rose Water Tonic

This became an HG face spray of mine almost from the first use: it plumps and hydrates my skin beautifully and the effect lasts for ages so I didn't get through it as fast as I do other sprays. I've reviewed it here.

The only bad thing about the product is the packaging (it's one of those sprays that's too directed and forceful), but I decanted mine into a different bottle straight away so that's an easy fix. I'll miss this now that it's gone and it's definitely one I'll look at buying in future. Purchase? Yes.

BareVitamins Skin Re-ver Upper

Full review here. I picked this up from strawberrynet for a song and I quite liked it, but not enough to buy it again.

It sinks beautifully into the skin and spreads well, plus it has a brightening effect and my skin looks fresher, cleaner and younger after use. I've used better serums however so I won't come back to it. Repurchase? No.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes

These don't beat my HG facial wipes from Essenzza but they're still pretty good and I'm glad I've tried them. I've reviewed them here.

The texture of these wipes is different from any other wipe I've tried: they're quite thick, soft and silky, and they feel great against the skin. They also contain a good amount of moisture, but they only work well on 'easy' makeup like powders and don't do much for the harder stuff like eyeliner and mascara. Repurchase? No.

Glamourflage Mellow May Lip Balm

Full review here. This wasn't a great lip balm so I ended up using it on my tootsies after my nightly shower because it's clear and it worked well to keep those hydrated.

It's thin and slippery and doesn't stay put on the lips for long, plus I found it quite drying on my already dry lips so I didn't want to use it there. Happily the tin is cute so I'll be keeping that to store things like safety pins. Purchase? No.

Urban Skincare Co Infuse Body Balm

You've probably seen a bundle of empties of this product before because we scored a few of them when we stayed in a hotel last year. Full review here.

The cream smells good and it's super hydrating and nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. It also absorbs and spreads well, so a little goes a long way and this 35ml sample didn't vanish in a few uses, as some body creams tend to do. It's definitely one I would use again. Purchase? Yes.

Elucent Whitening Hand Cream

Full review here. Now this one I didn't like. It's quite a thick cream and it has a faint scent that reminds me of a product I've used in the past to bleach my teeth. The smell is rather off-putting, and it makes me wonder what's in there that gives the cream its claimed 'whitening' effect, and whether I should be using it on my skin.

Also, it doesn't absorb well and it leaves a residue, so I ended up getting through this by using it on my legs. Glad to see the back of it! Purchase? No.

Emite BB Highlighting Pen in Coco and Cream Pencil in Spir

I won't go on about these here because I've done that enough via Project Pan, though I will say that I wasn't a huge fan of either and wouldn't use them again. They're not bad products, it's just that I've used better ones and I'm glad I've finished them. Purchase? No to both.

In sum

Gosh, another month down. The best products in this lot are the three Bodyography products and the Argo Naturals face spray. I also like the Urban Skincare body cream, but everything else I can take or leave.

Have you finished anything amazing this month? I'd love to hear : )

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