ulta3 volume & length mascara - review and photos


I received this mascara in a subscription box ages ago, and because I have such a back-log of mascaras, it took me ages to open and test it.

I've now been playing with it for around three weeks, and while I don't think it's a terrible product, I don't think it's a particularly good one either. It calls itself a 'volume & length' mascara, but it doesn't do either of those things very well: it does separate and define a little, but it doesn't do much for my lashes overall.

ulta3 claims/product details:
  • Finish off your look with ulta3 volume and length mascara
  • For dramatically thicker, longer and magnified lashes
  • For more info see ulta3.com.au
  • RRP $6.95 AUD

There's the brush above. It's a bit of an odd one because it's quite thick but the bristles themselves are very short. I find it really awkward to hold and strange to use, although it's not as difficult to use as mascaras with brushes that are far too wide for easy application.

You'll see also that the packaging isn't designed very well: look how much product comes out on the end of the brush each time!

There's the brush on a different angle:

My bare lashes for reference (click on any image to enlarge it):

Wearing two coats of mascara below. You can see it's not clumpy but it doesn't do much in terms of either length or volume.

 Definitely not much lengthening action going on!


This isn't a terrible product for everyday use but I don't plan on keeping it for too long because I'd much rather use something better.

First, I don't like the packaging. It's far too wide and therefore takes up more space than it needs to, so I can't store this in my handbag kit because it's too big. The width of the packaging includes the lid, which is so thick that I find it awkward to hold and to use.

I feel the same about the brush as I do the lid: it's a little awkward and the design makes me feel that I'm trying to do a precision job with a blunt instrument. It's like using a pencil that's in desperate need of a good sharpen.

The wand also pulls out too much product (you can see that in the above photo), so you have to wipe product back into the tube before you use it. Not a huge deal, but an extra step and one I'm not happy to do unless a product is amazing, which this isn't.

As to the formula, what's good about it is that it doesn't smudge or flake, so I can wear this for a full day and know that it will stay put. What's not good about it is that it doesn't even live up to its name (let alone its claims!): it neither lengthens or fattens very well, and all you can expect is a bit of definition. If you have long and thick lashes to start with, you might be ok with this product on an everyday basis, but I wasn't blessed with much in the lash department so I need something with more oomph.

It's also not very buildable, so I don't get much more happening with the second coat than I did with the first - to the point where I often don't bother with a second because the pay-off isn't worth the hassle.

In sum, this isn't awful but I can't recommend it and it's not one I would buy. Plenty of better budget mascaras exist so I would spend your money elsewhere.

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