John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner - review


We received these products in Marie Claire's Spring 2015 Edit of The Parcel (reviewed here). I was super excited to see them because John Frieda is one of my favourite haircare brands of all time - and probably the one I've loved the longest - and these products are designed for my dry, frizzy hair. Double win!

I've waited a while before opening them however because I wanted to finish off some lesser haircare first and save these for a rainy day. Last month that rainy day came, and I've been testing these for around six weeks and feel ready to write this review (spoiler: I love them!).

John Frieda claims/product details (both shampoo and conditioner):
  • 100% flawless, frizz-free hair from start to finish
  • Starts blocking frizz in the shower, creating an optimal smooth start without leaving any heavy residue
  • Smooths and deeply hydrates dry strands to replenish vital moisture and restore hair's natural defence against frizz
  • Containing Frizz-Mending Complex™ + natural olive oil, formula adds nourishment and moisture
  • Leaves parched tresses silky, shiny and highly manageable
  • The conditioner weightlessly replenishes essential oils, the hair's natural defence against frizz; restoring this proper balance of moisture helps prevent frizz and blocks out humidity
  • Safe for colour-treated hair
  • RRP $11.99 AUD each for 250ml, but do shop around

Verdict (shampoo)

This stuff is sensational. You don't need much product to get a really good clean, and I've found that I only need one wash with this shampoo - unless my hair is extremely dirty, in which case I'll do a second wash.

Needing only one wash is unusual for me: with most shampoos - even the good ones - I need two washes to get the gunk out. I don't know how this product manages to clean so well without stripping my hair, but it does. 

Aside from clarifying shampoos, I've never come across a product quite like it, and I'd likely be giving it an HG tag if I hadn't discovered OGX first. It's still a favourite though, and it's cheaper than OGX so I'm very likely to buy this once my tube has run out.

I'll let you know how the shampoo/conditioner work together below.

Verdict (conditioner)

This is also sensational. Again, you only need a little bit (about the size of a 20 cent piece for both products) to get the job done. Indeed, I need to use less of this than I do most other products so the tube should last a good while. 

Needing less of a product is a bonus of course because it means the product works out to be better value on a price-per-use basis, and these aren't the most expensive haircare products on the market anyway so you're really getting bang for your buck - particularly if you pick them up on special at one of the big pharmacies or supermarkets.

The conditioner leaves my hair feeling super soft, nourished and manageable. In combination with the shampoo, my hair looks and feels clean but it's still wonderfully hydrated and I don't notice any greasy residue left on the hair (which can often happen with hydrating products) so that's a plus.

I won't rehash the product claims (see above) or we'll be here for an eternity, but as far as I'm concerned, these products meet all of them. Woot woot! My hair just looks and feels healthy, shiny and bouncy after using these, so I can fool myself into thinking that it's in much better shape than it usually is ; )

If I were to compare these to my HG OGX products (reviewed here), the difference between them is that the OGX products all but banish my frizz. These certainly tame it, but I still need to use leave-in conditioner around the hairline to deal with unwanted frizz. I don't need to do that with the OGX products, which is why those ones just beat these.

The benefit to using these over the OGX products, however, is that I'm yet to experience build-up on my hair that means I need to use a clarifying shampoo to remove it. I can only use the OGX products for around a month before I have that issue, so these beat the other products on that front. 

Having said this, I find that I need to wash my hair a touch more frequently when I use these, perhaps because they're so hydrating (and because I need to use leave-in stuff as mentioned), while I can leave an extra day or two between washes when I use OGX.

In sum, these are fantastic products and I absolutely recommend them. If you have dry, frizzy hair like mine, they may work for you too so they're definitely worth checking out - particularly because they don't break the bank and you don't need to use much each time.


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