Project Pan 2016: update #4


Happily it's been a pretty big Project Pan month for me and I've managed to finish a Lime Crime lipstick (included in a mini update recently), and in the past few days I've also knocked off my two Bodyography Foundations, plus my Emite Highlighting Pen. Woot woot! Now that's what I call a good month : )

So here's my list as it now stands:
  • Nella Fantasia Pore Control Astringent Gel
  • Bloom Eye Definer Pencil in Dark Brown
  • Dd'ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil 04 in Espresso
  • Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner
  • Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Nudist
  • 'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Eyeshadow + Base 
  • 'Tini Beauty Pearl Fizz Eyeshadow
  • Evelyn Iona Concealer in Flawless
  • Australis AC ON Tour kit
  • The Cosmetic Kitchen Pressed Mineral Blush in Raw Cacao
  • Lust Have It Sunset Strobe Natural Highlighter
  • Mememe Cosmetics Goddess Rocks 
  • Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Sarah Jane Neon Coral
  • Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette
  • Bodyography Natural Finish Foundation in 160 and 165
  • Emite BB Highlighting Pen in Coco

Above are my finished items. You can see that the Emite product is so dead that I've had to scrape the last bits out, and the Bodyography foundations are looking nicely empty: made possible because I used these almost every day throughout April (I was determined!).

Do note that I've reserved around five pumps each of the foundations (enough for five applications, mixed together at one pump each) because the formula is my HG liquid foundation and I wanted to save the last little bits so I could compare it to new products as I open them in the next month or two. I thought it was wise to do this so I know if anything else I use beats the formula (doubtful ; )).

Now let's have a look at where my other products are at:

My Evelyn Iona Concealer is a great product but it doesn't offer enough coverage for me at the moment under my eyes because I'm so sleep-deprived, so I've been using it more for concealing redness on my face than anything else. I have a back-up for this so I don't mind getting through it.

The Be a Bombshell Eye Base is really starting to look dented now, which I'm happy about because it's such a bad product. It looks nice on the collarbones but it's rubbish on the eyes, so I'll be thrilled to see the end of that one. 

The 'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial is getting so close to finished now; I'll be interested to see how long it lasts though, because I only need a little each time. It's a great product but it's seen better days so I'm looking forward to opening my back-up (in another colour) when this one's done.

There's some nice pan showing on my 'Tini Beauty eyeshadow! Another product I have a back-up for, so I'm more than happy to get through it. I use this every day as either an eyeshadow or face highlighter, and there's still plenty left. I find powders so hard to get through but I'm determined.

My Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Sarah Jane Neon Coral started out looking pretty well-loved and it's looking more and more so as the days pass. Not long to go on this one: two months at the most? I tend to finish lip products the fastest because my lips are so dry that I'm forever applying something to them.

Now I hope you can tell that there's a little dent in each of these products from The Cosmetic Kitchen and Lust Have It

They started out barely used so they'll be here for ages, but I really wanted to get some pan showing in one of my blushes and highlighters, and I picked these two since I don't mind carting them around in my handbag (I don't care if they get damaged). I like them both well enough so I'm happy to use them as 'top up' products as the day wears on and my makeup fades.

Those Mememe Goddess Rocks are finally starting to look a little thinner on the ground. It's slow going with these but I'll eventually get through them: I'm using them to make a shimmery body cream since I hate how they look on my face. I'm not showing as much skin of course now that the weather is cooling down, but who cares: I know that my pins are looking bronzed and glowy beneath my trackies, and that counts for something ; )

The Nella Fantasia Pore Control Astringent Gel is a newer inclusion and it still feels like one of those products that I'll never see the back of. It's 180ml in size, which is part of the problem, but even with twice-daily applications I can't seem to get through it! Maybe it will feel lighter next month.

Considering how much I didn't like this Australis contour kit, I've still managed to get some good use from it : )

The highlighter shades are fine for setting my base because I use so little of them (I have dry skin and need to go super lightly with powders) and they're quite finely milled so they work fine for that. The middle contour shade is good for my brows and the other two I'm using as dry shampoo. Here's to re-purposing products that don't work for you!

Ach, the never-ending pencils ; ) The Bloom pencil is looking quite a bit smaller, and the Dd'ell product is also starting to shrink a touch. The Teeez liner is a twist-top product so you can't see how much is gone (about half) and I probably use the least amount of that one each time because it's so pigmented. Slow and steady wins the race...

That's it! Now that's thirteen products and I wanted to keep my list at around fifteen, so I've decided to include two more for now and I've got a couple waiting in the wings for when I've finished other stuff from my list.

Revlon Age Defying CC Cream in 030 Medium

I've reviewed this here. It's a fantastic product but I wound up with two (one came in a sub box after I'd already purchased mine) and I'd like to finish this second tube so I can focus on trying new things. 

Now that the Bodyography foundations are gone, it's also my oldest base product so I'd like to use it while the sunscreen it contains is still effective: it's been open for around ten months so it's definitely time to get cracking. There's still a lot left and I don't expect it to be gone for a few months because I probably won't be using it every day: I want to mix things up now that those Bodyography products are gone.

GHD Straight & Tame Cream

This is my oldest haircare product and I really want to get through it so I can move on to other things. I've reviewed it here. It's not a bad product but I prefer John Frieda's Frizz Ease, which is what I'd be replacing it with if I didn't still have it. 

I've no idea how much is left because the container is black and I can't see through it, but I suspect there's still heaps in here because hair products last me centuries: I don't use things like this every day and I only use a little each time when I do use them. Fingers crossed I'll be through it by the end of the year so I can buy myself some Frizz Ease for Christmas : )

In sum

Phew! These full updates always take it out of me so I'm glad to have this month's one done. The end of April has snuck up on me a bit so I'll have to get the empties and favourites posts happening in the next couple of days too.

Until next month!

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