The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream - review


I received this sample facial cream in February's Lust Have It (reviewed here). I have used it before and I remember not being wowed by it but not hating it either. 

I still feel the same way and, interestingly, I've learned a couple of things about the product when researching this review: first, it's apparently one of The Body Shop's best-sellers (why?!); and second, a lot of people have had bad reactions to this cream (more on that below), so do be careful with it and don't go out and buy it before testing it first.

The Body Shop claims/product details:
  • Refreshes, softens and rehydrates 
  • Light and creamy, moisturises parched skin for a beautiful all-day glow
  • Delicate scent 
  • Light in texture, like a lotion, so it's easily absorbed into the skin - but with all the moisturising benefits of a cream
  • Often talked about for its anti-ageing qualities, vitamin e is great for all skin types 
  • Creamy without being greasy
  • Deals with dry patches, hydrating without being harsh on the skin
  • RRP $24.95 AUD for 50ml

It's a pale pink colour and it's medium-thick in texture:


This is a passable moisturiser but I'm glad that we only received a sample size so I don't have to use up a full one. It's not the worst product I've used but it's not great either and I don't like it any more this time around than I did when I first tried it a couple of years ago.

First, it's not 'delicately scented'. This is one of the strongest scented creams I've ever used and the smell does linger so I'd avoid this like the proverbial plague if you don't like scented products. To me, it smells very strongly of cream (as in, facial cream and not the kind you eat) in a powdery/fake rose kind of way. Fragranced products don't normally bother me, but this one does because I can still smell it on my face long after I've applied it.

Second, it does leave a greasy residue behind and a lot of people have commented on this aspect. I have dry skin so a bit of extra grease is normally a good thing, but this is a bit slick even for me. For this reason, I only use it at night since I don't think it's suitable to wear under my already-dewy foundation.

Third, despite the added grease, I don't feel that this hydrates my dry skin well - perhaps because it does sit on top of the skin and doesn't deliver moisture where it's needed most. I do have some dry, flaky patches of skin at the moment and this product hasn't dealt with those - despite the claim that it does.

Fourth, I'd be really careful with this if your skin is sensitive or has a tendency to break out. I've seen a lot of reviewers say that this made their skin break out in blackheads, red spots (like an allergic reaction or rash) and/or general blemishes. While I have had some blemishes appear while I've been using this, I don't think I can blame the product because I've been getting those on and off for months anyway (damn hormones).

What I will say though is that I can totally see how this product would clog pores and cause congestion, given the greasy residue it leaves behind that just doesn't want to shift.

Indeed, the only claim it meets in my opinion is that it does feel quite cooling and refreshing when applied. Otherwise it doesn't do what it says it will, and for this reason I can't recommend this product.

In sum, I would avoid this cream: plenty of better options exist in this price bracket. I will finish my little sample pot because I have nothing else to use as a night cream at the moment, but I'll certainly be happy once the tub is done.

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think if so.

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