Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - review


You may remember that I opened this kit a while back and I've been happily using the Ren Glycolactic Renewal Mask and Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial since then. I don't love the third product, the Instant Firming Beauty Shot, but that's because I find it drying on my already dry skin and can't seem to make it work for me.

The other two products however hit HG status almost from the first use and I would recommend them to anyone: they're both cult products for a reason and it's definitely worth sampling these if you're in the market for good-quality skincare that really makes a difference.

Ren has a few skincare kits available at Mecca and new ones are usually released in the lead-up to Christmas. 

If you have your eye on any Ren products, it's worth looking out for one of these kits because they tend to be good value and you can pick up decent-sized versions of different products (sometimes even full-sized versions) within the one kit, so you don't have to save your pennies and only buy one product at a time. It's a great way to try a few products and work out which ones suit you best.

I'll do a round-up post on this kit in the near future because this is the last product I have left to review from this little set, but for now I want to rave about this mask: a sensational product and one I always plan to have in my skincare armoury.

Ren claims/product details:
  • A potent bio active peel mask designed to refresh and renew the complexion, reduce fine lines and dramatically improve skintone, firmness and radiance
  • The natural fruit acid complex provides a gentle yet potent exfoliating peel that will combat congestion and reduce the appearance of fine lines to enable your skin to feel healthy and glowing
  • To use: apply a generous amount to clean skin; leave for 10 minutes then pat and lift excess with fingertips; rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • RRP $77 AUD for 50ml


This product is so good and I'm going to struggle to set out why it's so good, but I'll have a crack!

It's thick and almost sticky in texture, and something about it reminds me of marmalade or apricot jam. That doesn't sound like an appealing thing to put on your face (!), but as soon as I whack it on, I can tell that it's doing good things.

I've seen some people say that it stings a little (in a good way), but I haven't found this on my sensitive skin. On me, it feels quite hydrating and seems to 'lock in' moisture and other goodies, and my skin always looks and feels more nourished for a couple of days after use.

I like a mask that only needs ten minutes to work, since I don't have a lot of time for skincare and am often rushing in the morning - which is when I prefer to use this. I prefer using it then because of how my skin looks and feels afterwards: brighter, fresher, nourished and more smooth.

For this reason it's a great product to use before applying makeup for the day, since it gives you a beautiful base and I always need less of my foundation/BB cream when I use this because my skin is nicely plumped and smoother, and there seems less to cover. That's what you want from your skincare!

On the product claims: yes it refreshes and renews the complexion; yes it reduces fine lines; and yes it improves skintone, firmness and radiance. I also agree that it combats congestion and leaves your skin healthy and glowing.

I use this about once a week on days when I've woken up with dull skin that needs some oomph, and this product does exactly what it says it will do every time. It's an HG product for me and one that I'll buy again and again. Very few masks make a huge difference to your skin, but this one really does.


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