Maybelline Color Elixir Color Sensational Creamy Lip Lacquer in 075 Fuchsia Flourish - review and swatches


We received this Maybelline lip lacquer in the Summer Edit of Marie Claire's The Parcel (reviewed here). 

I have owned one of these before in Vision in Violet, a bright purple colour (reviewed here), and I remember really liking the product so I was more than happy to receive another one; however, you could have received this bright pink or the nude and I was really hoping for the nude because I knew I wouldn't wear this one - so sadly this will be going to another home even though I do like the formula.

Hoh well. You can't win 'em all.

Maybelline claims/product details:
  • Hyper saturated colour
  • Addictive cushiony feel
  • Leaf tip, smoothing angora brush delivers a precise, polished and even application
  • A trio of concentrates delivers the colour of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss
  • For best results: apply with applicator wand, starting in the centre of your upper lip; work from the centre to the outer edges, following the contours of your mouth, then glide across the entire bottom lip
  • Available in 20 shades
  • RRP $17.95 for 5ml ($6.79 in the US - don't you hate Australian prices?!), but definitely shop around/wait for sales at the big pharmacies

There's the applicator above and below. I think it's one of the best applicators I've used: something about the shape just works and I love how it feels on the lips. I half want to keep mine and use it to apply other products!

There's the colour below, direct sunlight. I attempted to do a lighter swatch (left) and a heavier one (right), but it didn't work out unfortunately. I guess this confirms that this particular shade isn't buildable. This doesn't bother me but it's worth pointing out all the same.

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the product, direct sunlight:

Indirect sunlight:

Natural light:

And in the shade:


I do really like the formula of these products so it's unfortunate that I received mine in a colour that I won't wear.

'Fuchsia Flourish' is indeed a bright pink, but it's not as bright and pigmented as the colour as it appears in the tube would have you believe. I found that my purple shade was more buildable than this version so I could wear less or more of it, depending on the look I was going for. 

This one however always looks about the same, no matter how thickly I apply it, so it's worth mentioning this in case you were after something that carries more punch. Do swatch it first to confirm that you're happy with the pay-off.

On the formula, I do really like it and feel that it lives up to its claims: I love the feel of it on my lips; the applicator is lovely and the product also wears/lasts better than most, although I wouldn't call it budge-proof (few products are, in my opinion).

These lacquers are quite similar in look/feel to the L'Oreal Shine Caresse range - however I think this is the better product. It feels nicer on (not quite so lacquery) and I prefer the look of it on my lips. I also prefer the packaging, not that this really matters in the end ; )

It's definitely hybrid - pigmented like a lipstick, looks like a gloss and wears more like a stain/lacquer. I'm mentioning this because I've come across far too many products that call themselves eg a lip lacquer and they're totally not.

Another thing I like about this product is that it's nicely hydrating. As a lass who's prone to dry lips, this is important - I'm sick of trying lipsticks etc that are so drying, I constantly need to apply gloss on top. One thing I will say about this, though, is that when I was using my purple shade up as part of Project Pan, my lips started to dry out after a couple of weeks of frequent use. So I wouldn't rely on this for hydration in the long term, but it's fine to wear for a few days in a row.

Ticks from me! I'm sure I can find a good home for this product: it's just unfortunate that pink doesn't suit me very well.

Have you tried these? Let me know what you think if so : )

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