Project Pan 2016: mini update #9


It's getting towards the end of the month so I really could have saved this product to include in my full Project Pan update, but I'm sick of it so I wanted to move it out of circulation and update you straight away.

My Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette is as good as dead, so I can happily cast aside another item from my list and move on to something else. Woot Woot!

You can see from the above photo that there is a little bit left, but I'd always wanted to save the end for comparison swatches in future, since Coquette is a popular shade and people might be interested if I come across any dupes for it.

Also, the tube has seen better days and the silver part has come loose and often slides off, and the mechanism is busted so it's really hard to wind the product up and down. I'm calling it done! I'll be keeping the bullet and displaying it on my lipstick stand, however, since it's a fun-looking product and I don't want to chuck it out.

Here's what I'm replacing it with:

This Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Sarah Jane Neon Coral is now the oldest lipstick I own, so it was always going to be the next lip product I included. You can see I've made a good dent in it already, so it shouldn't take too long to knock this one off. Maybe another couple of months if I use it once or twice a day?

I do love the colour but it's so bright that I rarely wear it out of the house. I have been wearing it in the early morning, however, which is why there's quite a bit gone from the bullet already. It's the kind of colour that makes me happy when I see it, which is why I've been happy to wear it at home and I've been doing that for the last couple of months.

I do have another few non-lipstick products that I want to include on my list, but since I've just finished a lippie I thought I'd replace it with this. I have almost finished another item or two so I can't wait to change up my list again very soon!

I'll check back in at month's end with a full update : )

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