Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - review


I used to be a bit suspect when it came to micellar products because I'd used the fabled Bioderma version a bundle of times and never had any luck with it. 

Samples of the stuff kept showing up in sub boxes and I would dutifully use them and attempt to discover what all the fuss was about, but time and time again the product just didn't work for me. I've no idea why, but I found it useless as a makeup remover - to the point where using plain water felt like it was doing a better job.

Anyhoo. I've put that Bioderma version in the 'not for me' basket and have gotten over my suspicion when it comes to micellar cleansers because I've now found some wipes and two waters (this Garnier item being one of them) that do what they say they will do, which is all one can ever ask for from a beauty product. Plus this one's cheaper than Bioderma's offering, so it's all worked out in the end ; )

Garnier claims/product details:
  • Removes makeup, cleanses and soothes skin on the face, eyes and lips in one step without the need to rinse off
  • Micelles are an active cleansing ingredient that act as a magnet to capture impurities, makeup and sebum on the skin without vigorous rubbing
  • The result? Perfectly cleansed and refreshed skin without vigorous rubbing or rinsing
  • A soothing formula without perfume to suit all skin types, even sensitive
  • The 400ml format corresponds to 200 applications (on a cotton pad)
  • RRP $12.99 AUD for 400ml, but do shop around


I like this stuff. It does what it says it will do and it doesn't cost much, which makes it a great product in my books and one I would consider buying once I've finished the two I have (one came from The Parcel and the other from my beautyheaven beautorium haul).

It's a standard micellar water formula that looks and feels exactly like water, and it has no scent so it shouldn't bother people who don't like fragranced products. 

I use it as the first step in my evening cleansing routine and it removes makeup nicely, cleaning my skin enough that my cleansing oil can act as a skin cleanser and won't have to deal with makeup. It doesn't remove mascara, but I've come to realise that nothing besides a decent cleanser and a shower will do that for me - I wonder whether my lashes are super dry and 'cling' to makeup - so it may work better for others when it comes to mascara removal.

It's not my favourite micellar product - my favourite is the Unani Il-luminate Micellar Water (reviewed here) - but that one costs more and I'm not sure how easy it is to come by in Australia since we received it in LHI and I've not seen the brand before. 

I prefer the Unani because it has a thicker, more luxurious texture and it looks and feels more special so I enjoy using it more, but both products perform just as well and it's really only the experience of using the Unani that makes it a stand-out for me.

All in all, I can't fault this Garnier product and it's often on special somewhere so you can pick it up for a song. It does the job with a minimum of fuss and that's what I want from a makeup remover.

A great product.

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