A Happy a Day: Happy Skincare's Black Cumin Seed Oil


Day four of my Happy posts! It's been quite good for me to write these posts, I think - makes sure I have at least one post I know I'm going to do for the day. Keeps me out of trouble ; )

I've been looking forward to reviewing Happy's Black Cumin Seed Oil. For ages it was my favourite Happy oil (just beaten once I tried the Organic Tamanu Oil), and while it now occupies second place, it will likely be the one I continue to order the most because it comes at such a reasonable price and a bottle will last you for ages.

Happy claims/product details:
  • Over 100 vital nutrients working in harmony for radiant skin
  • A top-to-toe moisturiser with anti-ageing and blemish control powers that can also calm and condition difficult skin, and reduce redness
  • Known as the beauty secret of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, Black Seed Oil can improve the appearance of most skin
  • Repairs and conditions
  • Delivers stacks of Vitamin A, B, C and anti-oxidants for anti-ageing
  • Extremely high quality, 100% pure and cold-pressed 
  • Contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids and 15 in total; has lots of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6
  • Contains the skin loving minerals of selenium, zinc and magnesium
  • RRP $22 for 100ml
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural
  • Australian owned and made
  • Not tested on animals
  • Note: I've just seen that this one isn't to be used during pregnancy (lucky I researched the product before using it while pregnant! Lucky also that I went through a full bottle prior to being up the duff, so I can review it properly : ))


Bloody love this oil. It's rich and moisturising without being greasy or too heavy. I also love that it smells exactly like cumin - probably because cumin is one of my favourite flavours in food.

I can't remember exactly how long the 100ml bottle of this lasted me, but it was a long time. At only $22 for 100ml (available here), that's a great investment at a good price. 

As for living up to its claims, I'm pretty sure this does that but I can't attest to everything. Eg, while it's definitely hydrating and improves the appearance of skin, I can't confirm whether it helps with blemish control: while I do get the odd blemish, I (mostly) don't get enough to notice whether products like this make a real difference.

Another thing I love about this oil is that you can use it all over, so if you're planning on travelling and want to lighten your pack, you can bring this as a moisturiser and nothing else. It works well on the hair and cuticles too. What's not to love about that?!

Definitely worth a go, particularly if you're like me and love using oils on your dry skin.

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