The Cosmetic Kitchen Pure Mineral Blush in Strawberry - review


This blush showed up in our May 2014 Lust Have It Women's Boxes. At the time, many complained about the packaging - it looks nice enough, but it's completely non-functional. I tend to agree. If you look at the photo below, you'll see the spray of large holes that allow the product to spill out whenever the blush is shaken. 

The lid itself does't stay screwed on too well either; so this product is not travel-friendly and is liable to spill everywhere when moved. Definitely don't keep it in your handbag!

The Cosmetic Kitchen claims/product details:
  • Defines and adds a healthy glow 
  • Velvet smooth 
  • Highly pigmented minerals make a tiny amount easy to spread across the cheeks
  • Talc free, nano free, no bismuth, cruelty free
  • RRP $34.95 for 6g

The LHI version was a full size, limited edition product of 6g. I was suss about the colour at first: I don't usually do pinks because they look rubbish on me, but this one wasn't too pinky so I could get away with it. See wrist swatch below (and note the colour shows up better on your cheeks). I'd call it a burnt pink.

See below cheek swatches. The colour isn't too pink, just adds a nice flush:

I've applied it more heavily on one side (below)...

...and with a lighter touch on the other, just to give you a better idea of colour and how you might use it.


This blush is nice enough and adds a lovely glow. As to claims, it's definitely pigmented - so do use a light hand or you'll overdo it.

The product lasts well through the day and is easy enough to use with the right blush. It blends nicely and doesn't stick to dry patches like some blushes do.

The packaging needs to be looked at: the amount and width of the holes is nothing short of ridiculous. Plus the lid isn't trustworthy, so I'd never take this away with me because I'd end up with too much product falling out of the holes and possibly with the lid shifting off and pink all over my clothes.

While I wouldn't buy this blush, I'm glad I received it. Since the colour isn't my favourite, I've only used it a few times for review purposes and I've marked it to pass on to a friend who loves pink. I have too many blushes as it is and I would rather keep my collection smaller.

What did others think of this blush?

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