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I received a 10ml sample of Indio's Facial Scrub along with my first ever Bellabox order last year. At the time I was using a Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit, which was fine but nothing compared to the old L'Oreal one that seems to have disappeared from the market.

I mention microdermabrasion because my skin has always responded well to that treatment (whether using an at-home kit or having a facial), and this Indio scrub surprised me because it's not your average scrub: I'd been expecting your run-of-the-mill exfoliator, but this wasn't that. 

The particles are so fine that they feel like they have a microdermabrasion effect - not quite the same, but close - and the results aren't a far cry from what you might expect from a kit like my Mary Kay one. More on that in a bit. Suffice to say for now that I was so pleased with the results, I bought this from the Bellabox shop once I had enough points to make a dent in the $56 price tag.

Indio claims/product details:
  • Skin's protective barrier is strengthened
  • Skin looks bright, young and healthy
  • Provides essential exfoliation with beautiful results
  • Safe for all skin
  • Uses salt from the dead sea to gently remove surface detritus, making it glow with a soft, plump, youthful appearance
  • RRP $56 AUD for 50ml
  • For more information, see Indio's website


I love this, and it definitely lives up to its claims. It's the best scrub I currently own in terms of removing the surface junk and leaving my skin looking fresher and brighter - and it reduces my fine lines (waaahhhooooo!). What's not to love about that?! 

This is why I've talked about microdermabrasion: this scrub seems to have a similar effect in terms of wiping off enough dead skin to leave my face looking younger and healthier. Such an awesome product, and one I'll definitely repurchase once I've run out.

Has anyone else used this or other Indio products? I did receive a sample of Indio's Eye Rise in one of my Bellaboxes this year and was impressed by that too. This is definitely a brand I'd like to explore further. If anyone has any comments on Indio's products, I'd love to hear them : )

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Unknown said...

Yes I have and I love them.
possessing over the complete perfection cover team atm.

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