LAQA & Co Lip Lube in Bees Knees - review


These LAQA & Co Lip Lubes showed up in our July 2014 Violet Boxes. This was the sneak peek item for that month, and I was beyond thrilled to receive the colour Bees Knees, a lovely sheer peach and the colour I'd been hoping for.

A gorgeous colour, yes? Just the right amount of punch so it shows up nicely but doesn't take over the face. Love.

LAQA & Co claims/product details:
  • A light and glossy hydrating lip balm, perfect for everyday wear
  • Peppermint-shea butter formula delivers an oh-so addictive hit of mint and moisture
  • Comes in a handy twist up pencil
  • RRP $24.50 for 2g
  • Shelf-life: 12 months

See more photos above and below. I love the colour so much that I've made serious in-roads into the product already, and it won't be long before it shows up in an empties post.


Some good things and bad things to say about this one. First, while I do love the buttery formula, I don't actually think it's that hydrating - my lips have gone dry and flaky after using this for a few days in a row. Dryness is manageable of course, but just be aware of this.

I like that the product is only 2g in size - how often do you finish a lipstick or gloss? I'd much prefer a smaller amount of product (at a smaller price), so that I actually have a chance of finishing it and moving on to the next find.

Because it's so creamy, it doesn't have great staying power. I don't mind this so much since I'm happy to reapply throughout the day, but it may matter to some.

The peppermint smell: I like it but I know some who find it overpowering (it is pretty full on).

The formula: while I like the feel of it, the formula is so soft that mine broke not long after I opened it. It's still usable, but it often falls out and I have to stuff it back down the tube. A little annoying.

Overall: I love the colour and think the product itself is ok. I wouldn't rush out to buy another one (due to eg the drying issue) but I'm very happy to have received this and will definitely get a lot of use from it.

What did others think?

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