Rituals Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil Foaming Shower Gel - review


This is, quite simply, the most amazing shower gel I've ever used.

I was happily introduced to Rituals (a European brand) via Glossybox Deutsch while we lived in Berlin. After using a sample of this product just once, I searched for the nearest outlet - and in true littewhitetruths style, I decided to buy half the shop.

Interestingly, Mex found something there too - Rituals also does clothing (he bought a hooded jumper that I've stolen more than once), skin and body care products for men/women, cosmetics and perfume/cologne (he wanted to buy one of the fragrances too but managed to restrain himself). And hey, his jumper cost more than the bundle of goodies I bought, so that totally makes my purchases ok, yes?!

Rituals claims/product details:
  • Foaming shower gel sensation
  • Unique foam technology
  • Transforms into a rich, nurturing foam on contact with water
  • Combines the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of sweet almond oil and Indian rose 
  • 8 Euro for 200ml (8 Euro!!!)
  • Shelf-life: 12 months
  • Available here (although I'm not sure about shipping to Oz - you may need to look into the UK site; and Rituals products are also widely available in European airports)

This gel comes out clear (I didn't catch the photo early enough - you'll see above that it has started to foam already, and the photo below shows the foam expanding a few seconds later).

Note: don't press the pump too hard or shiteloads of product will come out, projectile style. It takes a few goes to perfect the gentle pump, but I've thankfully got that one downpat : )

On contact with a little water, the foam goes berserk:

Then clean away!


Reckon I've already said it all about this - BEST SHOWER GEL EVER. Totally lives up to its claims, and then some.

I've also tried the Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste and the Magic Touch Organic Cherry & Rice Milk Ultra Rich, Whipped Body Cream. Both are the best products I've tried in their categories. Seriously. I wish I'd kept the empty containers so I could do a full review of each with pictures. The cream is super rich but not heavy - and unlike other rich creams, it doesn't go on too thickly and lasts for ages. The paste is just insane (and I mightn't have discovered it otherwise - it came as a free gift with purchase thanks to Mex buying his jumper and boosting the total of our our order). It's so refreshing and a great wake up call in the morning. Hmmm...might need to source some more ; )

And these products are at the cheaper end of the spectrum! What's not to love?! Rituals is a 'chain' like The Body Shop and the products cost about the same: they're just a gazillion times better and feel more upmarket.

Honestly, you won't find better stuff in this price range - or any price range, quite frankly. The products feel special and wonderful and work a treat. I urge you to explore the brand, and let's hope they're easier to come by in Oz very soon. I've been hounding the Oz subscription boxes to look into Rituals, so fingers crossed that one of them delivers.

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