Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum - review


This one showed up in our May 2014 Violet Boxes, which incidentally was my favourite Violet Box ever - along with the October 2013 box that included the amazeball-osonic Bodyography face powder I received (note to self: must review that gem soon!).

The Goldwell Sleek Perfection spray is one of those items that I didn't think much of to start with, but quickly grew to love. I'll definitely be looking at purchasing this once my stockpile of hair products from various subscription boxes has run out (if indeed it ever does - I seem to have acquired a rather large collection this year).

Goldwell claims/product details:
  • A thermal spray serum that creates silky straight looks that last 
  • Speeds up the hair straightening process
  • Humidity resistant for up to 24 hours
  • Has heat protection up to 200°C and provides colour protection
  • To use: spray onto dry hair before using a straightening tool
  • Hold factor: 0
  • RRP $24.95 for 100ml; on sale for $19.96 here (although there are always specials somewhere online, so you may be able to find it cheaper if you shop around)


Love love love. Lives up to its claims (although I'm not sure about the 200°C one). It has an interesting though slightly odd, chemical smell; and this might sound weird, but the smell makes me feel that the product is high-tech and decent. Can't really explain that one, other than to say it's the kind of smell you might find in a hairdressing salon - so maybe that's why it sends messages to my brain that it's a great product (?!?!).

Smell aside, the product itself really works. It does speed up the hair straightening process and totally delivers in terms of straightening power. The only thing I'll say (and this isn't a disadvantage, just a comment) is that it doesn't have a moisturising effect like some straightening products do - so if you have dry hair like me, you'll still need to use an oil/leave in conditioner either before or after application (I prefer after, so the oil doesn't interfere with the straightening process).

The other good news is that this little 20ml sample has lasted a while, so the full-sized product would be a good investment (and it's not that expensive anyway) and will last you for ages. I'm also glad that it doesn't have a 'hold factor', since I'm not after that and I don't use those kinds of products.

Awesome product. Have you used it and what did you think if so?

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